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I like coffee but I can't stand strawberries.
September 14th, 2008
Skye Skye Skye Skye! We need more pages with that guy : D (He's still the best <3)

I'll be very interessted if art were sold online. I was really sad I couldn't go buy some at AE.
Nozmo: Will it be possible for us, who sadly can't afford tickets to sch events, to buy art from you through internet? D:
Well, JPG makes ugly colors.
Enjoy anyway! :3 Please, comment and rate!
I think Skye should judge. He would hate it all anyway.
I adore this comic. Laughed the whole way through. Your art is personal and lovely to look at - in color, in black/white, in whatever way you make it.

(Jem's = <3 )
I would trade my friends for cool stuff from New York. And Francis so right - no one could feel sorry for you just because you had to work and listen to silly jokes, Jing. We're going to laugh.

(Love Francis little laugh, btw)
Page 5
Read right to left, folks!
Chapter 1
Ahaha, grumpy Ayumu.
This is my second time ever trying to color something on the computer. Well, I guess colors is better than just a black/white-page sayin': Chapter 1.
Enjoy! It's now the real story begins..
Page 4
Last page with computer-blood for a long time.
Page 3
Apparently, I suck at drawing blood. I have to use the function "dirt" in the photo-manager.
Page 2
And he rapes h-
..not. This is yaoi, folks, though I'm planning not to let the BL become the mainstory.
Rate and comment, please <3
Page 1
Beware of my awesome paint-skills.
I promise next page will be drawn in hand (but I didn't have the courage to fill out that much black with a pencil!)
Here we go~
Hello everyone!
You probably don't know me - this being my first comic and all - so please allow me to introduce myself; I'm Tenny, a 17-year old coffee-drinker from Denmark (which should explain my poor english).
'Speak Tomorrow' was an idea I got for about two years ago. Originally I drew the characters and made up episodes for my own pleasure, but I thought it could be fun to share these redrawn pages with everyone else. I hope you'll enjoy! And please feel free to comment and rate.