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Sorry for the wait again,i know i'm slow at uploading :3
My backgrounds are still quite terrible :(
I should make more of an effort to practice drawing scenery naha, enjoy :)
July 25th, 2010
your comic is amazing, i love the story so far and your characters are really great
Can't wait to
Sorry my works a bit of a mess, i'll try n get better, promise :3

Iron:thank you for your comment it really cheered me up :)
Sorry it took so long for me to update :(
Uni getz in the way,there should be another update by the end of the week :3
Sorry for the long wait,i'll try to start uploading pages on a regular basis seen as it's summer now and i should have a lot more time on my hands :3
Yayie update
Your pages are always awesome, they're worth the wait ^^
Thank you,i felt like i should do a page in colour for this guys first proper view :3
I definately need to practice backgrounds, i can't sneak around 'em forever :)
Yes i know the page is pretty borin' but i hate backgrounds,i'm terrible at them :3
Wow, it took me a long time to post the next page
I'm just so busy lately i don't seem to have the time to do any drawing at all :(
Used a different pen for this page,don't really like it so much
I really don't like the top panels,i can't portray movement all that well :(
Sorry about my lame attempt at hatching :)
Read from right to left :)