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Yaay, cloe! (I've been slacking at checking smackjeeves, so I can't complain about the wait)

It's loveley to see it again. =D

I'll come back ever ten or so updates!
December 28th, 2008
Minimalistic backgrounds! For shame!

Other than that I approve.
December 28th, 2008
I like it!

I think I'll wait for every ten updates or so, I seem to ingest chunks of ten well.

So it might be a little while before I reppear...*dissolves*
XD! I love this page...Can I marry it?
I might have to change my vote...
o_o make an avatar of Eliot being tipsy...

I'll stare avidly at it every day for the next year or several...
XD Love Emery.
Eric totally doesn't look fugly in this page.

My favorite is Eliot.
They all start with E's.

As for gayness...Hmm Eliot is rather
mysterious...He's probably totally straight...;_;
Esau has the happy go lucky, childhood friendship syndrome...Ormaybe hopelessly unaware of his gayness
Edward...Totally fruity, and slightly dark - it's the fringe...I think xD - either that or sort've shy...
Evan I'm not sure...
Everett seems the straightest to me...
Mmm...Emery falls into the bisexual category...
Eric...We all know he is going to be 'corrupted'... =D

Officially gay...Emery hands down...
Edward hides it either out of cunning or shyness, Eliot hides it, slightly angstily, Evan hides it for practical reasons, the rest are unawares...=D
The top panel is made of wonder...

Eliot and Esau naturally sit at the top...
Sebastian is too cute...

Hilarity and awesomeness on one page...
Rofl, love this page.
Oooh, ScuttlexSebastian...

The bottom pannel's really cool.
I think this special someone is swimming in the bottom pannel =D.
Flounder as a girl makes sense...XD

Oooh, I love your sketches...
December 12th, 2008
XD and why the unicorn indeed?
Yaaay, updates!!

You're forgiven.