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So, I'm Pettyartist from deviantart... most call me Petty.
I'm interested in a lot of things, I guess!

Oh! And don't feel like you have to be formal around me or anything... and feel free to make up nicknames for me! I've started a small collection of them already. XD
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Part 17B
And part two!

Glacier badge in the bag, but trouble's brewing at the Radio Tower...

the next updates will feature our favorite criminal organization! (Well, besides maybe Team Skull)
Part 17A
Time for the annual update!

(I want to say that statement's a joke but here we are...)
5 Years!!
WHEW made it just in time!

For anyone who doesn't know, today is my HG Nuzlocke's 5th anniversary!!

I would have had the image done earlier but last night during my stream the save file corrupted and I lost ALL of my progress, including the whole file. OTL


So I hope you guys enjoy! I just want to thank you all for reading my comic and sticking with me and being the best fans and readers I could possibly wish for!
Haha, if you haven't guessed yet, this is an April Fools day update!

But what you might NOT know is that this is actually drawn by KYNIM! :D

We decided to draw each other's updates today as part of our annual prank!

If you want to see the update I drew for her, here's the link!:

Happy April Fools! <3
Part 17
This update is N-ICE.
I'm in love with her mom already ALSO THE HEART IN THE SPEECH BUBBLE TAIL genius, A+.
@SuperScratchkat: DIVA is a not-so-secret pyromaniac. :y
Final part for Part 16!
Whew! All uploaded!

I should have another update by the beginning of next month!

I've been working 40-hr weeks on top of dog training so it's really hard for me to get consistent work done on the updates like I would love to do.

Thank you all for being so patient!
Part 2!
LANCE is NOT a great hacker.

(See link below for the Rocket Grunt cameos list!)
First one down!
Gear up for a MEGA UPDATE!
Three parts! One BIG strip!

(Click the link below to see links for Rocket Grunt cameos!)

DISCLAIMER-- LOCKE will not be using JUKE in this run. I wanted to avoid using the same pokemon as LG (minus BROSEPH, since he's in it for redemption) and there can only be one RICK, after all.

I made a video celebrating the 5th anniversary of my LG nuzlocke!

This is dedicated to all of you, who stuck with me through it all! <3
Part 15a
Put your hands in the air for ANOTHER UPDATE YEEEEEEEE (twice in four months, a new personal best as of late).

LOCKE in-game caught the gyarados, btw. It just wasn't important plot-wise to the comic and so it was omitted.

I have a theory that feraligatr's mega evolution will be part dragon type-- so feraligatr, for all intents and purposes in this nuzlocke, is considered to be a pseudo dragon type, though distantly related to modern-day dragon types.

Gyarados is a much closer-related pokemon to modern dragons, which is why Lake of Rage is so dangerous right now.
Part 15b
That BWAAAAAN panel was so fun to do you guys
Part 14!
Easy peasy. B)

You guys may have noticed that I updated the comic a day later than the other places this is uploaded to.

I have decided to do this because of the amount of fighting and general unconstuctive negativity that has been happening lately on this site.

I have turned off Guest commenting for this reason, and I briefly considered pulling the comic from this site altogether.

I changed my mind, decided to upload everything to a tumblr account specifically for my nuzlocke and will update it real-time there, DA and the nuzlocke forums.

NOTE: I don't mind critique-- I'm a grown woman who went to college for art. I can take it. What I don't like is commenters harassing others and adding negative posts to rile up others or to try and get a rise out of me.

I have no patience for that. You're not five, and if you are five, where are your parents??? I hope this computer has a content lock!
April Fool's~
Oops, I never updated this on here-- anyway, this was the april fool's comic for this year-- hope you enjoyed it!

I had fun thinking of what I was going to do for this year. ;)
For everyone wondering about the Paragon stuff--

The story's not over yet, shhhh-- all will be explained.

I have a LOT of plot to get to, I promise it gets tied up later.

I had the entire MAJOR plotline for this run written even before I started drawing this particular run. I just left parts open just in case the unexpected happened (like this death-- I manage to work it in though, as you will see).

We have only touched the plot-- when this run is all done and drawn you'll all look back at those comments and say "Oh.".

This is the run I actually cared to give a real story to, unlike my LG run (which had a story that heavily relied on the plot of the game and not its own plotline to tell the story).
PART 13 (Cont)
...make that an exposition update with a hearty helping of SAD.
Hope you guys enjoyed the little dig I took at myself at the beginning there. ;)

I'm like a zombie, come back from the dead to post an exposition update.