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I am exceptionally lazy and a procrastinator, yet I also have lofty goals in life. It can be a bit problematic.

Meh. :D

I draw, write, and sleep, and have an obsession with Silent Hill, Insane Clown Posse: Joker Card Albums, and Death Note. Thus, Carnival Macabre will most likely have a little bit of all of them (well, perhaps no Notes, but Kira's general ideal will be there...)
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@kazbob - Nope, I just used openCanvas, and drew up the paneling and word bubbles etc. with the square/circle tools.

@everyone else - I'M SORRRRRYYYY that there hasn't been any new pages in forever!! T^T Maybe once I'm settled in collage there will be more.
^0^ I just wanna thank Twilitefairy and all the other great people who have stayed with this, despite my ridiculously long hiatus, and kept on reading. <3

And kudos to basketcasemelissa for figuring out the guest character in page 08 is Mai Valentine. ^^; Despite that it looks nothing like her. *fail at YGO fanart*
:D Better page.
Yes, I know this is a sad excuse for a page after a 9 month hiatus, but at least it lets you know I'm drawing again. D: right? ... right??
Argh... Feel like I'm getting lazy with these pages. I put them out faster like this, but there's less detail and effort put into them.

I need to find a happy medium... And quit using that Drafting Pen!
D: ....... I don't like this page. Looks creepy, but I have to move on.
After much procrastination, here is page 10!!

Read right to left~~~~
Haaauuuu~~ Sorry for the delay!!

=w= Was having procrastination issues with this page for some reason. But here it is finally!!

Ah usual, read right to left~
>8D Can anyone figure out the guest appearance??
Hur hur hur

Riddler ♥
Merry X'mas, peeps!!
Christmas Greetings from Milenko ♥
(And from me, too, of course xD)

I just wanted to send out a "Thank you!!" to all the lovely people that commented or have been reading Carnival Macabre! I really, really appreciate every one of you~ ♥

Merry Christmas, and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and New Year! ^^ Much love to you all.
:< Oh dear.
Durr..... This page is kind of boring ^^; 'Cept for Hatchet's creepyface, and uhm ... the Tempest guy.
XD Insane Clown Floss would be awesome.

But nah ^^; It's Posse.
I have... stared at this bloody page for too long, that I've come to hate it =__=;

It wouldn't have taken so long, but my computer's too full or something, and it's memory keeps maxing out and laaaggggiinnggg my pen tablet. *le grumble*

Anyway-- Yay new page.

EDIT: *to Snowin* XD Heh thanks <3 I got my computer working again, thankfully ^__^ I was about to blow it up.

:D And yep!! It's Milenko~~

EDIT 2: I really need to figure out how to reply to people on this thing o_O...

*to akari_mizunashi* XD;;; And no! It's not shota~
Dear Gods! I actually posted a new page! xD

Who is this boy? What is he doing at the Carnival? Why the heck does he have gray hair even though he's only 11? o__O

These questions and many more will be answered in the next installment of....... THE CARNIVAL---MACABRE!!!!

...or not.
*w* CR has sexy eyes. *idolizes art style*
August 12th, 2008
I just wanna say... xD I love the Hunter's eyes!!