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Hello there!
I like to draw, read, write and play video games.
I'm 14 years old, and my birth day is on June 23.
I take ballet currently, and took some art classes before.
I'm a fruit addict, and I love carrots. My favorite colors are the shades of blue. I love blue. I like pink too.
I'm an official Adventure Quest webcomic artist. I've all won 2 art awards 'round where I live. I love fantasy. All my stories are fantasy stories.
My deviantart is here:
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Blossom is so cool!
Go Matthew!
Very interesting.
I'm going to continue reading updates.
That "rude" comment was by accident. I don't really think she ment for it to be rude.
Gosh, your coloring is pretty.
Damn, this comic is so kick-ass. I love it!
Seeing as how, yay(!), the name Dragon Prince is put into action, I am faving this! Matthew looks so unbelievably cool!
I am a sucker for dragon dudes!
Yeah! Not the best art, but the story and stuff are great! I love it!
I hope Buttercup comes in.
Ahh! Thief! Thief!
Interesting, I love this comic, it's awesome.
Wow I love it!
February 21st, 2007
I'm lost, who is the person in the photograph
February 21st, 2007
Suspicious guy! :D
I love this comic, lol.
This is a yaoi, hentai comic? OxO
Classic cartoon fun! Loving this comic more than I already do.
September 25th, 2006
I hope this comic can become an animated series! That would be COOL! :D
That's what he gets for locking up our heroes!

(BTW: There's a typo in the last panel.)