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Likes Game Maker, Comics, art, ect.
Makes games, comics, art, ect.
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Susan never was good with emotions. I guess that comes with the package.
Oooh! I love how the mask guy is really shy of the deaf girl :)
This is just an allusion correct.
@Lemyng: Atty should buck up and be a man. Save the girl you dumb.
I'm a bug trainer. 0.o My favorite pokemon is bug.
YAY! ^_^ Beedrills! :D My favorite pokemon!
At first I thought the vote incentive was the same as the page. Then I double taked.
Then, I laughed.
Ha ha I love how your rank jumps when you put out a new vote incentive. XD
also: can't wait :D
This is the most super bad-ass page yet.
I really love this page.
A lot.
Maybe finish this story and then head onto some higher-age stuff. You know, like high-schooler problems. Teen-pressure, drugs, sex, school work, parents, ect.
Should be 9_6 :P
Oh man, loving it. Can't wait for more! Great job so far, and good luck.
^_^ Love it. Great job. keep doing some of this new stuff that wasn't in the game.
His eyes are all like 0.o "OH SHIT HERE IT COMES!"
XD It looks amazing. Keep doing it with the new colors. ^_^
I love the new colors! Keep going, its getting good ^_^
heh, filler commics anyone? :P
Or maybe just a thought finisher. Whatever. Still dissapointed. I wanna see Will :P
^_^ Great work guys. Lovin it.