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Terminal Devastation
Why do I have a feeling Mr. Losroo has already sussed out most of the truth of the matter and is only respectfully playing along?
For some reason my first impression was that atty wasn't borrowing george's card to steal her pokemon, but so he could use the pokecenter's facilities for his own stuff, without causing other problems.

upon further thought, he might just steal her clearly gigantic stash of pokeballs and go catch all the pokemon the hard way.
Yes, I still plan on continuing
Well, that took too long to finish. Had about a 3/8 of the comic finished for the longest time, and then just decided to finish it yesterday instead of working on another project (that when finished will make the 3rd Timebreakers arc update WAY faster... if I can get that far...)

Also trying something new with the borders and making the extra panels seem more... extra.
@Eversor: Clearly he wins all of his battles by goading his opponents into totally unfair fights, and gym leadership qualifications merely takes into account how many wins you have. Either that or he impressed something with his ability to fend off all the top 1% of ratata's out there.
Clearly, Atty's eventual goal is not to catch all the pokemon, but join all the organizations. I mean, he's already a rocket and now a sprout scout.

Yes, even the female only ones. Somehow. Likely involving crazy shenanigans.
@misenjai: As one who would like to see sprite comics achieve greater and greater quality level, and who would like the medium achieve it's barely tapped full potential, it makes me glad to see others give advice to improve things, and would like to encourage it happening more.

As such I'd like to drop in a bit of advice for both you (as an advice giver), and comic makers in general.

First of the comic making advice; years of experimentation, and watching others experiment, has taught me one thing in regards to font:

Legibility and how good the font looks out of context trumps fitting in with the visuals style.

Now, ideally, having both IS better, but time, skill and the tools available are factors that could make one have to choose. I mean, if you don't have a nice pixel font at the right side handy you'd have to pixel it by hand... and the letters that make up the dialogue shouldn't take 200% longer than the images to make. It's just too little reward for too much work, especially when someone has lower quality options that readers are more than willing to put up with.

As for the advice to misenjal:

Effective advice giving is partially determined by credibility.
Now, the words you used were pretty good, didn't bash and came off as friendly, there's no reason anyone should fault you for that. You've established some decent cred to someone you don't know right off.

Giving advice on a FONT, is sort of nitpicky, but eh, small tips add up to quality works. That shouldn't invalidate the advice any. Maybe make it easier to ignore.

The example however could have used some work. Remember the advice about fonts I gave earlier? You example falls victim to it pretty hard, and it's harder to take advice on how to improve something when the example makes a bigger mistake than the improvement it suggests would fix.

I'd recommend the next time you'd give this advice (and I would recommend you keep giving it out elsewhere), you find a REALLY nice pixeled font and use that as an example, even if the font is too big to put all the text in dialogue box.
Looks like someone doesn't like missing.

Mirage is not going to be very happy with this fight.
I'd like to point out that some days ago that the author moved their comic elsewhere, and these are just little reminders for its fans here that it updates still, albeit in a different place, that the fans here before it moved had asked the author to do.

It can be hard to keep track of a comic that had moved away from a major hub
for the fans that stayed behind.

(I had already checked its new home before the move regularly so it's not an issue for me, but I have lost track of many comics that I used to read, ever since they moved)

(there may be some exclusivity clause somewhere that prevents just updating in two places)

I don't know the full details though, so I can only guess on the exact details.
Random thought: What if the police stumble into this situation, with the Gym leader trying to STEAL back a rightfully earned gym badge?

Could Artemis end up being the one arrested here?

I mean, she would have been caught in the act, and Atty isn't wearing the same thing as the description (Even had the sense to re zip up the hoody)
Am I the only one that sees a spooky half face made from the moon and the visible treeline on the right?
So... in other words... you're going on hiatus to do the comic maker equivalent of mountain hermit training?

I am cool with this. I look forward to the results.
@MilkyTea: Cell separator can't be a microwave. That's a cell warmer.

It can however... be a blender.

Which... is worse actually. NO BAD GEORGE. NO MAKING EEVEE SMOOTHIES.
I just had a random theory from looking at jaspers shirt too much. I'm reading too far into things perhaps but...
Is Jasper one of those dreams that if anyone else would have it it'd be a nightmare... and Ink the reverse, a nightmare that would be a good dream?
Like Jasper is a dream from they guy who goes "oh hey I had a nice dream last night, it was full of spider-clowns!" While Ink would be "I had a terrifying dream lack night, it was full of puppies and bright sunny fields!"
It's not like a living spell check class couldn't use swords.

It could be that in their case... the pen IS the sword.

And by spell check, it's magic spells, and and its the not inspecting type of checking.

More seriously, though, they're likely just sword based magic users.
How do we know she WASN'T going to ask "How do you breath fire?"
And is going "Wh- at how did you know?" there at the end?

I mean yeah, sure asking about feels is the likely thing... but she knows Cadwell, she probably finds his random epiphanies endearing.

Not EVERY romantic encounter is best as box standard playing it cool.

Figuring out something like breathing fire IS playing it cool among the right groups.
@Angelz_Blaze: If the author didn't pull "Sophia's a monster therefore she disappears with the dungeon" move last time, If this girl turns out to be a monster, she's likely to have been hiding it for years, and is just friendly.

At least, that's what I'd like to hope.
Dust crusher is most of why I have dust man as my favorite RM.
It really does sound unusually awesome.
Some changes
Okay, knight man's quest. I probably should have mentioned this when you guys were voting. But I've made some changes to my plans for Knightman's arc.

Bluntly put... as neat as a full X-Kaliber 2097 game parody was, it was just not fully needed, and full of basically filler. Also a lot of work I didn't want to do any more.
I also can't get the backgrounds I need, but I can still make them.

So, I'm cutting this part of Knightman's quest short. However, we're not quite done with the X-Kaliber parody quite yet. Four fights were significant in the original version. Of those, two are important later plot points, one is needed just for narrative flow between the two plot ones (the character in that one really just serves as delay and an suspense builder of the final needed plot fight of this parody), and one I'm just keeping.

This is the one I'm just keeping. For those that have played X-Kaliber 2097, you'll probably know that instead of the boss of the second level, Chainsaw,
I'm using the first sub-boss from the third here.
Why? I'm not skipping over one of my all time favorite sub-boss. I mean whirlfighter here is my second character based off that one unnamed sub-boss. (Some of you may know this other character of mine).

Still using a background like Chainsaw's though, since its easier to sprite and doesn't break things up as much.

On another note, this is by my count... Comic 92!
Remember, I'm doing a Q&A type thing for Comic 100.
Maybe she refering to how those possessed shamble along like zombies?

Or just possessed by something that was killed by zombies?

Or the ghost OF a zombie.
Aw... we didnt get to see bowsers "hero" side that much. Here hoping the remaining two crumble.