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easily explained
That's because Debrah doesn't have her cup of' coffee ;)
Heh heh
You can almost hear the "needle scratching off the record player" sound effect going off in Rivala's head there :D
Look at all that Super Mega Premium Coffee
Yep, it'd work on me.
You're Welcome :D
And the 1st 3 panels are SO me. Well without the hair rolls, that is.
The horror... The horror...
I find it interesting that even reading the "spoiler" from the other day that the joke wasn't really given away. Nice one :)
Mmmm Coffee
You know, I'm actually surprised Blink's knowledge of coffee (well at least the ones thrown in his face) didn't endear him to Debrah ;) But yeah, if my mug was empty and I'd be out of coffee, I'd probably react the same. And Debrah IS supposed to be me gender-bent, so...
Rivala is stranglely... Genre Savvy all of a sudden. Color me intrigued.
Yay, update!
And Princess seems a bit too happy about the subject matter in that panel :D
Heh heh
Glad to see the colors are back :) Also, did you change Lethe's hair? She seems to be sporting a braid now (Or is it a new character? I just noticed the eye color is also different)
A perfectly reasonable reaction
That is, I believe, exactly what I would do :D
I *did* ask for more Santazilla, didn't I?

Good show!
Heh heh
I suddenly find myself interested in stories regarding Bazooka Bunny, and Godzilla-Santa :D
..... What?!?!?

::blink blink::
Heh heh, also figures Med-Kun would be in the background with a camera
Mmm. Interesting
I take it that what we see in the 2 panels right of the one revealing Fianne is the "person passing through another" effect common in scenes involving flashbacks as witnessed by other characters?

Also, Debrah seems younger in that panel, nice touch!
"Dental"? Did a spellchecker run amok with your dialogue?
Congrats again!
Once again, congratulations to you two (throws rice)

Is Debrah hugging the coffee machine? (snicker)
Speculation and comment:
Wild guess/Speculation (by the clues we got): Kuuki is the character Lethe created at the end of the last chapter.

And I have to say I LOVE the last 2 panels with Rivala. I don't know, something about those 2 panels just "clicks" for me. Good job again!
Heh, that was pretty much what I was going to post :D