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I’m a person who just enjoys a lot of comics. Follow me on Wattpad and TikTok

wattpad: CampCamp Ava

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It just says create an account somewhere on your screen on smackjeeves
My paw is over her eye because 내가 사람들을 안아줄 때 내 손은 항상 적어도 한 눈 위에 있습니다 (try and translate that)🇰🇷
@Hardychuckle Sam is someone else’s eevee, but possibly yeah if it’s okay with his original owner. Someone asked if I can draw a picture of her eevee with my Eeveelution Squad.
Wow... who’s the “big bro” in this situation?
I drew Sam on a separate drawing and just pasted him on my first Eeveelution Art picture, just changing it and making the changes to the characters that have been changed overtime. Just a quick notiCe!
Aw this is cute!!!
November 16th, 2019
Patient Me: You deserve a lot of rest. It’s okay to leave this on Hiatus

Impatient Me: Goddamit! Cliffhanger??? CONTINUE CONTINUE!!!
Last panel... what now?
I post... it’s just that I can’t do it as often
The ceiling??? I’d be confused too
@ScarftaleBryan i guess it would’ve been a pun
I’m pretty bad at spelling sometimes. I meant to tell Pyro, “ I’m surprised you’re single.” I accidentally spelled ‘single’ wrong
I literally was going to tell you what he told me. I found out he traced it. He pretty much traced it from the original. He said He is sorry for telling me that he did the ‘drawing’ and called it his own. The original is on the internet.
I’m just assuming. I don’t actually know. I have to ask him