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I'm short, with green glasses and short brown hair. I like plaid shorts and converse shoes and I love anything that has to do with Manga, Anime or Tim Burton.
Page 23 - more later!
Chapter 3 Begins!
Yes all the pages are drawn and they are in the editing stage right now. Enjoy :)
Chapter 3 is coming soon!
Yup, a filler. This is kind of a 2010 thank you to readers and a sorry for last week :)
Naoki's Return
She's a crazy moody woman, Aiko, whatch out!
Love it!
Yay! I loved the comic, and I'm sad to see that it has come to an end. D': But I look forward to your new comic! Keep up the good work!
Heh -_-' Sorry
This was something I meant to put up a while ago. I'm terribly sorry for leaving you hanging.
Omg. I am so behind. Sorry sorry sorry. I also forgot to put up the notice for MLS saying there wouldn't be any update. Sorry sorry sorry!!! >.> Anyways. I am putting up the advert for 2010. I promise to have new pages up in the new year!

The color is kind of faded in this...weird.
This is awesome! The color job is great.
Sorry they gave you such a rough review (like all the rest), just keep doing your best. It's the best you can do! Haha!
And don't worry about not updating, I mean, I haven't updated for a little just do what you can :)
Love your chibis!
Happy day!
Click the "previous" button to see the bonus upadte!
Have a good holiday Monday!
I like this one!
Wow! A bonus update!
I hope this makes up for the missed one last week!
Have a good thanksgiving/columbus day!
Haha, that's really awesome.
Make up for last week...
EDIT! - Panels have been fixed! See you tomorrow!

Aiko has a flashback! WOAH. Cliche-much hahaha. I love panel 5. :D Stay tuned for an another update...hehehe.
Love the last panel!
Hiding under the tableeeee!

Question! How do you do the speech bubbles? Do you draw them by hand?
2nd panel = awesome
Sooo exciting!
How come you're so superspecialawesome at chairs and desks?
Purse Issues...
Yay! It's up and it's early!
I've never drawn so many women in my whole life.

The friends are currently named friend 1 and friend 2. I like the blonde one lol.
Yep...see you next Saturday evening...

I like Aiko's head in the third panel for some reason...
Okay, I know it seems like there maybe a fair bit of text on the page but I hate to dwell too long on certain matters. I hope it looks okay ^-^
Yay! Womens! I drawd womens!