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My old friend...
that's not so bad
Im 24 and I've never even held hands or kissed or anything.
almost late
Today my puppy turned 7 months, woo!

One day I'll have a fan;w;
I swear I thought it was Saturday today.
Enter Xaige~
I wish I'd gotten to serve my detentions in a place like this, geez
ah highschool...
I sooo dont miss it.
Dress code violations
Ugh been sick all week but still got it done, woo!
A comic within a comic
I wanted this up sooner but my puppy doesnt like it when i draw. She will sit on my tools continuously until put them aside. Shes like some kinda lil monkey dog.
Chapter 1
Im so excited to bring you the start of DollHouse. A comic thats been long in the making. So please enjoy!
That's what I did too! :D
Omg i hated those girls, I like boys and I never had a crush in my class. THey just always made me feel stupid. =3=
Beat her with a stick. Solves everything. yup.
I agree with both Pinkkrice and cucumberhights.
the actual relationship is more important then fangirl promoted sexual harassment.
Why so much hate on the bisexuals =n=
but yes i think most people know someone like that lol
February 26th, 2012
omg OWO
lol isnt that how everyone shows their affections?
awwww ;w; i STILL love your comic <33
xD yay condoms!