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My interests include MST3K, furries, transformation, politics, The Punisher and the occasional Kevin Smith film. Three Stooges for life, yo!
@Marshal Banana: Truly evil has no sense of priorities. Who commits evil on Super Bowl Sunday, I mean really? Well, besides Ray Finkle.
@Salen: "They mostly come out for tort. Mostly."
So, the track owner decides to pull a fast one, and the lawyers aren't having it. Technically, he *could* have gotten away with it (the flier's disclaimer laid that out pretty well) but he made a faux pas about confessing to negligence, so it's best to pay out.
@Marshal Banana: One step at a time...
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@Lucius Appaloosius: Seeing as how both Shatner and Nimoy were Jewish, I can actually picture them joking around between takes like that...
@Pendrake: There probably is a degree of discomfort for Enchanters to admit they don't really need to do anything. Not enough to truly change, because why would you in their case? But in terms of talking outside your race, yeah, it can lead to some... not quite shame, just a lack of overt pride.
@M: No, they have four, it's just the image is zoomed in above their lower set. Fidela's lower right arm in the last panel was more evident before the word balloon covered it.
Looks like some of Jock's victims are licking their wounds and the track owner continues his callous display toward his participants.

Also, RIP those poor paramedics' backs...

Miranda West appears courtesy of "The Wotch" You can read that comic here.
@vangard7: The swimming competitions would be interesting to watch...
Eagle eyed viewers might notice I've gone through and replaced the earlier comics with larger versions. Now archive bingers get even bigger pages to look at. :P
@Cubist: Some centaurs have strange walking gaits, never know where their hooves are going to go when walking past a jerk.
And that concludes this story! Sorry for the hiatus, we plan to be back on track.

So, our mysterious silent "benefactors" reveal themselves to be Maria and Ruth, the mice mad scientists from "Cat Scratch Fever." What nefarious things will they get up to next?

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@Marshal Banana: Er, we'll fix that.
Hey guys, sorry for going dark so long. We promise to get more pages up soon.
@Old Crow: Glad it's better, new page up tomorrow!
Miranda West appears courtesy of the The Wotch.

Jock continues his assault on good taste by putting Miranda and DWD out of the race, the dirty villain.
@Asland: Who indeed? DUN-DUN-DUNNNN!
Hello folks, another month, another page! We see that Jock has a very liberal reading of the rules for proper sportsmanship. Hopefully someone puts him in his place. Ouch, poor Shirleen!

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@Old Crow: Nah, it's a friend of mine, used his look as a gag.