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When not watching some cheesy b-movie or spending too much time on internet message boards, I manage to find the time to work for a magazine.

My interests include MST3K, furries, transformation, politics, The Punisher and the occasional Kevin Smith film. Three Stooges for life, yo!
@vangard: You can try him on his Facebook page: Other than that, only time I ever talked to him was when he was livestreaming.
@Centaur71: I have no objections to this.
@Centaur71: I remember that Cerv was adamant in his original drawings of Qu 008 that her old human name not be used. No clue.
@Salen: In the original script I actually had DWD break the fourth wall and mention you by name, but the others put the kibosh on that...
I hope Salen is satisfied.
@PJSam: Consider it situational ethics, they could turn her in, or just handle the situation themselves.
Hello everyone! New update today!
@Pendrake: I appreciate you guys' patience. And yes, it's always better to know.
@vangard: He's still active on his Facebook page:
Hello everyone. Sorry we've been so quiet. Cubist has some computer issues so the next page is held up until he gets it fixed, which should be shortly. In the meantime, please enjoy this drawing by Nicole Riley of Fidela looking quite regal. :) Maybe she's planning something special for husband? Maybe she's thinking about nachos? Who knows?
@Pendrake: Next page is turned in, waiting for lettering.
@Old Crow: Filet mig-get in my belly!
@PJSam: Doncha just hate cliffhangers?
Okay! Sorry about the delay, but we do have the next page ready for you.

Also... unfortunately, since our Patreon dipped below $100 this month, that means we're back to our normal two a month update schedule. If you'd like to help us to release extra strips per month, please consider supporting us on Patreon, we'd appreciate it!
@reynard61: Exactly. An equine can outrun a bovine, but a bovine can outpower an equine.
@Centaur71: The new John Sayles film: "Cowtaur UNYOKED!"
Third and final update of the month! If you'd like to keep us at this level or help us add more updates per month, please visit our Patreon link at the top of the page!
Here's our SECOND update of the month out of three!
Hey Guys, sorry we've been so quiet. Working on next page now.
Sorry for the late update today, but it's still the right day!

First of THREE updates scheduled for this month! Hope you're enjoying the story!