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When not watching some cheesy b-movie or spending too much time on internet message boards, I manage to find the time to work for a magazine.

My interests include MST3K, furries, transformation, politics, The Punisher and the occasional Kevin Smith film. Three Stooges for life, yo!
In case you're wondering, Enchanters can sense one another when they're in close proximity to each other.
@Marshal Banana: Cubist working on next page-ish...
Hello guys! New pages coming soon, promise!
@Centaur71: Well it's the best kind of dreams to have!
@Salen: Everyone knows it's the throw pillows you should be taking advice from anyway...
And today's page introduces another character, Claire who belongs to our Patreon ReptileFan.
@KreeTheBasilisk: Prejudice takes many forms. Poor lizzie people!
And our heroes are past another obstacle!
And we're back! The new story features an appearance by Amy, which belongs to our Patreon Asamurai! If you'd like your character to appear or if you just want to support us, please visit our Patreon link at the top of the page!
Cubist's thoughts on his real world friends can manifest in strange ways. Also, our noble friend Can'on decides to stand up for justice and tell these Valkyrie enemies off, but Shirleen is not having it. Pro tip: less chat, more action!
@Salen: No, chronologically this story comes after "You Only Shed Twice," we just ran it early as a filler. Now that both stories are complete, they're back in proper order.
@Salen: You mean I can't end this story with him staring at a snowglobe... :(
Also, bonus points for anyone who recognizes that fellow in the lower left of first panel. :P
@Old Crow: It's only kind of on hiatus at the moment, Lotshaw no longer does updates per page (unless you're a Patreon), instead he waits until the entire story is done and posts it all at once.
Greetings and salutations, dear readers! We have a fun appearance today by the cast of Accidental Centaurs created by John Lotshaw. If you like centaur hijinks in a fantasy setting, be sure to check out his comic!
@Iceburgh69: Thulssa is a utopian, and he rewards those loyal to him. I doubt everyone gets a castle, but I'm sure their families get something...
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@teamunity: Everyone's the hero in their own story.
@Dimensional: It's possible the various snake species are aware of each other, even if just as general awareness.