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When not watching some cheesy b-movie or spending too much time on internet message boards, I manage to find the time to work for a magazine.

My interests include MST3K, furries, transformation, politics, The Punisher and the occasional Kevin Smith film. Three Stooges for life, yo!
Er, sorry it's a day late. I completely forgot to load it yesterday. Derp.
@Terizaki: Is it the elusive Robert Denby, at it again?
Greetings gang! Today's extra page is courtesy of viewers just like you! If you'd like OC to continue to have more than 2 updates a month, please support us @ our Patreon page! Remember, each $100 level we hit, we add another update per month!
We had some comments that dialogue was hard to read:

Panel 1:

Reece: “Okay buggies, in you go!”

Sheila: “Hurry up or you get another lactose splash!”

Panel 2:
Ally: “Okay you little pests, in you go! Calm down or I’m using this tail to flatten you!”

Panel 3:
Reece: “Things seem to be under control, all things considered.”

Claire: “I’ll work on changing everyone back. Can you handle the, er, mind wipes?”

Reece: “Sure, I’m not a fan of messing with people’s memories, so I try to be gentle…”

Ally: “I’m expecting an elf acquaintance to help with these.”

Samantha: “I appreciate your help, nothing like this has ever happened here.”

Panel 4:

Burke: “Hmmm, these bugs are from nowhere near this galaxy. This isn’t some random infestation, someone set them loose.”

Ally: “Any suspects?”

Burke: “This is too sloppy for someone like Temujin, my guess is some terrorist or someone testing our responses.”

Panel 5:

Reece: “Okay guys! You get the rest of the day off! Because your boss thinks your awesome! Just forget what you did here today.”

Will: “Not gonna lie babe, two heads looks good on you…”

Sheila: “I’m NOT keeping them.”
@PJSam: You'll find out next week... SAME BAT TIME, SAME BAT CHANNEL!
@JFox: That was rather bullish of you to make that remark!
@Nixie: I'm not sure that'd be enough to stop him!
Hello gang! First update the month, and guess what? We hit our first Patreon goal, so that means we'll have 3 updates this month! Hooray! If'd you like to get even more updates per month, please support our comic!
Hello gang! We have a guest-drawn comic done by Drago The Komodo. If you like his work consider supporting him at his comic Patreon page.

Hope you enjoy this short story before we go into a new arc featuring one of Patreon sponsor's characters.

If you'd like to support our comic, please visit our Patreon page and make a contribution. Your support can help us add additional features and whatnot to the site!
Hello all! Cubist tries his hand at some exercise and the machine bravely gives it life in the name of science!

Also, we're less than $20 from our first Patreon goal level! If we hit $100 a month, updates will increase to three pages per month! A new monthly update is added at each $100 level! If you want more Off-Centaured, please support us @ our Patreon page!
Another month, another update! Also, we're less than $20 from our first goal level on Patreon! If we get over $100 a month, we expand to three updates per month!
@PJSam: Who knows how Dr. Cervelet thinks...
@Guest: Yes, exactly. All three husbands will remember everything EXCEPT their recent caper.
@Thwaitesy: They do, this is suppressing the memories of the magic absorption caper.
Dr. Cervelet introduces himself and we learn that the Danish must be monitored at all times! (Any society that produces King Diamond must be kept tabs on).
@Salen: You're at your best when the going gets rough!
We begin a wonderful new story! But aren't all stories wonderful? Well I mean, I guess Grave of the Fireflies is kind of a downer. And King Lear, plus Marley and Me. Okay, I cried at the end of La Bamba too, are you happy?
@Salen: Is it back again?
@DarkwingDork: Thanks to our Patreons and other supporters such as Ben, Kartfox and Linda. And thanks to all our readers for keeping the stories alive!
@Forecaster: To discover this, you must journey back to... page 11 of this story!