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When not watching some cheesy b-movie or spending too much time on internet message boards, I manage to find the time to work for a magazine.

My interests include MST3K, furries, transformation, politics, The Punisher and the occasional Kevin Smith film. Three Stooges for life, yo!
@Marshal Banana: "Filthy hair bag! Accept the new scaly order!"
@Salen: "The Furry Blue Line."
@Night-X: Cost of living increases really suck, huh?
Poor Cosmos becomes a victim of his own success, and our heroes are off on another adventure!
That's a level of commitment you don't get from your run-of-the-mill evil henchman...
Looks like ol' Cosmos is putting our boys through the ringer. Let's see what Cubist has in mind to quell this issue...

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Calpurnia invokes a sports superstition, and commits a grave sin against the Super Bowl, it that shall not be turned off!
@Riverwolf: The cow gets buried in back-back-back order slips and Mac SAVES. THEM. MONEY!!!
Special note, this is strip #899 (ignore the page number in box, that includes non-canon stories and filler art). Next August will be 10th anniversary! We're thinking of:

1. Having a non-canon (maybe) choose-your-own adventure story to commemorate the 900th strip (will run separate from the main story)

2. Offering another contest to where the winners get to add characters to the comic.

We're open to any other ideas you guys may have!
Heya guys! We're coming up on our 900th strip! One thing we're considering to commemorate is a "choose your adventure" style story where fans can vote on what happens next in a story. What do you guys think?
@Centaur71: While dryads, like most nymphs, were primarily female in Ancient Greek myths, there were SOME male nymphs.

For the purposes of the comic, we're assuming they're a race like any other and therefore have males and females.
It's our first update of September, and looky, it's a cameo from Geenie! For those of you who don't read it, check out Cervelet's comic Addictive Science, it's a fun read!

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The villains were prepared for everything, except Slap Fu!
Oh, he made a big stink about it all right...
DWD's comradeship is truly a gift from Above. which is a fine thing, because who'd want to pay for it?

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@Fauxwolf: Not if it's the actual name of the stadium. :P
Hey, public shaming as a battle strategy, sounds intriguing.
@Salen: Plus you can grab stuff off the top shelf of the grocery store.
@Salen: You can still wave this around, just don't be surprised if everyone else there drops dead.