When not watching some cheesy b-movie or spending too much time on internet message boards, I manage to find the time to work for a magazine.

My interests include MST3K, furries, transformation, politics, The Punisher and the occasional Kevin Smith film. Three Stooges for life, yo!
@Fauxwolf: Not if it's the actual name of the stadium. :P

Hey, public shaming as a battle strategy, sounds intriguing.
@Salen: Plus you can grab stuff off the top shelf of the grocery store.
@Salen: You can still wave this around, just don't be surprised if everyone else there drops dead.
@jackmcslay: Just a coincidence, I assure you. :P
@jackmcslay: I did it pretty well too. lol
Does this make Sheila "Dirty Harry" and the reptile guy "Scorpio"?
@Lucius Appaloosius: Any vote against it doesn't count!
@Marshal Banana: Manually. Cubist, my good man, you're being summoned!
Okay, looks like Saturday's page is up today. Sorry the delay, we'll try to get today's page up by Thursday.

In the meantime, we have plenty of weirdness to go around in today's page!
@RuneWolf: Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it.
@Salen: Vans would probably be the only practical vehicle for a centaur to use. As for conversion, Nat probably just ripped out the seat! Metal!
@Night-X: If it wasn't for dumb luck, I'd have no luck at all...
@Centaur71: We'll have to pun-ish you for that...
@teamunity: No, but it does in the court of vigilante opinion... :P
And that concludes this story! Special thanks again to the creators of "The Wotch" for allowing Miranda's appearance.

Hope you're ready for our next story, which begins in 2 weeks!

P.S. Nat's band is Advorsus. Check them out here!
Funny thing about today's page: I always wonder what would happen if criminals captured Batman, but instead of trying to kill him, they just pressed charges against him. :P
@Marshal Banana: Get put in a choke hold, you'll find you're not on your best game...
@Marshal Banana: Truly evil has no sense of priorities. Who commits evil on Super Bowl Sunday, I mean really? Well, besides Ray Finkle.
@Salen: "They mostly come out for tort. Mostly."