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It's Chibi! I have changed my art style alot.I used to draw
Arina Tanemura style but I mixed it with Matsuri hino(Vampire knight)and some others!I have been drawing manga about 3 me my first manga was so sad...but since then I have been practicing and I have seen how much better I've been's still kind of hard for me but I'll try my best!So some hobbies are piano, French horn,and cooking..because I love food! I'm mixed!asian/ I call me self an asian cracker..ha..not I love many animes and manga..I don't like BL and the one I hate the most is GL EW!!!...but that doesn't mean I hate the people who read that stuff.. I can get into the weirdest me even when talking with my friend's mom we start off talking about books like twilight so we start talking about chocolate then we end the conversation on labor!yeah I know it's so odd...I'm bored all the time so PM me! the music I listen to is emo,screamo,,ETC.My favorite bands are Boys like Girls,Cobra starship,THe Used,and MCFLY! there a British band!PM ME!
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This is awesome!
It's been forever since I've been on this site so I wanted to check what has been updated. So I was looking down my list and I was like what's this it's a beautiful banner. I don't remember this then I was like OH MY FREAKIN BUDDAH!!!IT'S THAT ONE MANGA!!! and so I clicked on the banner too see where this pic was. and so I found it. It's awesome. I like the way you colored it. I can't color that well. IT'S awesome I give it five stars.
marvelous as always
OHHHHHH HELLZ NOOOO!!!*bitch slap*
Yell rape so he won't do it!!!!
heck if i were her I'd do the same thing!
LOL dude I like alex....
is this going to be Bl or HL?......just wondering
oh me gosh it's been forever!!! I love this manga!it's da bomb
I like the guy who has the three horns...he is hot!!!
*cries for joy* TTuTT it's beautiful.... it make's chibi so happy
you know the top pic...the banner on your site... I can't help but look at it every time I come here....
that little child is deep....
Hey thanks for adding my comic on your favorite... I can't wait to see more of you comic!
jack is scaring me a little bit more than normal....
hmmm....sound cool I'm going to favorite it....
finally another page TTwTT*praises you like a god*
I'm in love with this comic!!! I can't wait tell the next page comes out!!! THAT'S THE BEST ART I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! I feel like i only draw stick figures when i look at that!
AWWWW!!!! I love fariy tale type things!!!!
MEN ARE REALLY IDIOTS!!!! I SO AGREE WITH HER!!! I understand we had 10 hours of band!!!! It sucks......but it's fun....well were I'm at....lots of retards in my band so it gets pretty funny!
that something my mom would say!!! LOL