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This cover is amazing!!!! I cannot stress those exclamation points enough!

But I have a feeling this cover is going to haunt me in my sleep. for that. lol
yeah, it's not small at all. I love the toning!
(yay I'm staying!!)
Thank you~!
And yes, I will submit a comic once a month. =) Thank you! =P
that's such a cute dress!! =D I love it!
lol I <3 you and your character too ^^ She's so adorable!!!
I do have an idea for this, I didn't at first but I think I do now.
Anyway, I'm sorry I haven't been submitting anything recently. I do want to stay though.
But is it okay if I submit something once a month? I have a part-time job 5 days a week and I have classes 5 days a week so I'm pretty worn out by the weekend.

(Btw, I hope I'm portraying the characters correctly, I always worry about that)
well even the "tai" is the way to say want. They apparently ask "ocha wo nomimasu ka". I asked my teacher.
They have this weird thing ....I don't quite understand it yet.
So cute!!! I love making comics with Japanese too =D

Although the "O-cha desu?" means "It's tea?"
But, anyway, I love your style, you should draw a lot more on here =)
hmm...I hope the paper was cherry flavored =d lol
hahaha! Love the bug's expression "O.O;"
If it gets saved at all?
dun dun duuuuuuuuh
Tea Time...AGAIN!
lol Sorry, I liked the comic Tea time so much I wanted to start it up again =P

Someone better continue it--or else I will. And we all wouldn't want that now would we? XD
(oh btw, Ai is deathly afraid of liquids --it can kill her... or at least make her malfunction)
Hi again!
This is my other character Ai.
She's a bit schizophrenic.
Hi! I'm New!
This is one of my characters, Will. He's a bit embarrassed by acts of affection between two males--but don't worry I'm not =P
ooh! I've never done/seen this before but it sounds like a lot of fun! =D I'm gonna apply! Hopefully I'm good enough ^^;
I love the way you draw faces =D