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A brick wall of friendliness. Angsty friendliness, but friendliness none the less.
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Oh Vanilla, how life just kicks you back down.

Oh man, it's feel like it's been such a long time and I've had to catchup so much. >.< I see that you've still been doing pretty well, and I hope it has the same in your real life as well. Your art has improved quite a bit, it's a lot more consistent. :D But a in a few of the recent panels, you've been slacking a bit on shading. I'm loving all of the details in the crowd and how it's obviously a pool bar, but miss all the effort you put into your shading. Other than your hands, Your anatomy has also improved a lot. C: There are so many natural poses too! You've also added all these little details, especially into your backgrounds.

I'm so happy that I'm not slaving away at school work and can continue enjoying BL. Keep up the great work and thanks for the wonderful update.

Muchos love,
Before I actually have to stop procrastinating, YAY! My secret guilty pleasure of cheezy and cute brothers. xDDD I love it. >u<

And while I'm at it, SUPER AWESOME LOVE ON HERZY'S JACKET! Subtle and beautiful shading, my friend. Not to mention that it shows all the super awesome wrinkles with highlights! Yeah, I'm excited.

Only things to look at might be coughHANDScough and Hirn's head in the third panel. Just a touch awkward.

Yeah, thanks for the lovely update and the one i missed yesterday too! I appreciate the return of interesting angles! xDDD

And yeah, I'm not you. If I was, 90% of the men in the comic would go around shirtless - all the time. ;D

Muchos adore,

PS. I forgot to mention, your backgrounds are improving so much! It's nice!

And Herzy in the fifth panel. >u< I don't know why -well, yes I do. It's because it's such and interesting pose and also nicely done- but It's just so cute and maybe my second favorite panel in the whole page, first being the last one cause it's just so darn cute!
Ah, thank you so much for the lovely update. I just started reading and I really adore your style. I really like the your shading, though I wish there was more of it in the clothing and faces of your characters. >:

Also, you draw your anatomy quite well. Some of the proportions are off, but it's still quite good. I'm actually quite fond of your first panel, the poses and such are all quite natural and well done.

I can't wait to see your next update. >u<

Question: Is Hirn bad at anything, or is he just magic? He seems like the type to get even instead of mad, but still, he just seems a bit odd to be nice enough to wash his brother's clothes and care in a kind way. Ah well, I like him a lot anyway. :]

Firstly, thank you for the WONDERFUL update. I have been so busy I haven't been able to keep up with BoyLessons, but it's really nice to check up and read all of your updates. And the thank your art on the last page - it made me smile since it was quite cute.

Second, I really like your water effects on Herzy pants. I'll admit, it's not your best piece and it might work better if you made the lines more vertical to show how soaking it is, but it really suits your art and you know exactly when you see the panel that it's wet. And not to mention, I lover Hirn's shirt in that panel. <3 Love, love. There's a beautiful amount of detail and I am so happy you actually distorted his cross sign to match the wrinkles. Even the shading is great!

The only thing I think you might need to work on a little is your closed hands, such as in the second to last panel and the second one. Slimming the fingers and shading them a bit work, but after that small tidbit, your hands have really improved! Actually, most you your anatomy has improved a lot. :]

The last thing I noticed that doesn't matter much, it's more of a stylistic thing. In this update, most of your panels are pretty standard poses, or at least facially. With the two big panels of Hirzy looking straight on, it stands out and I was quite fond of the interesting perspectives and angles you had been using to emphasize things. It doesn't matter much, but I just wanted to point it out to you.

Once again, thank you for your beautiful update and I hope I can visit it more often.


PS. I forgot to mention, I love the shades in your background. It is a lovely detail.
You know, my first thought after seeing that was that the coffee must be cold by the time she finished that. Anyway, very cute. I adore her hairstyle and uniform(?) - all very stylish. :] Also, I LOVE you for adding all the shading details on the cup, spoon, late, and napkin. It just brings me so much joy when ever someone puts in the effort to make something 3 dimensional actually have shadows - sorry, bit of a pet peeve when it doesn't. The gradient effect is also quite nice, though maybe a touch darker and it would be a nice contrast to the rest of the panel. And the panda face is very cute. >u<

Thank you for the lovely update!
February 3rd, 2010
Hmm, just remebered. We Made You by Eminem is strangely fitting for Vanilla. Yeah, blame all the song references (not that I don't like them, but most are silly. Loved Oomff Labarynth though. Absolutely stunning.) Hmm. Will comment more later, but must write essay. :/ I know, I wouldn't choose that either if I didn't have too.

Yay! Procrastination friend lets me comment instead of draw while frusrated. xP
Anyway, I kind of love this page. Your drawing technique has gotten a lot better, I think. I really love how many different perspectives you put in - it really adds to the feeling. I also love the camera view of Alex in the third panel. It's playful and cute and I have absolutely no real complaints about it. Not to mention the subtle but awesome shading that totaly lets you know it's a camera without saying "hey, I really tried this." Subtle and smooth, very well done. :DD I will admit the anatomy in the arms is not that great, but the rest is so awesome that I really don't care as much. Second favorite for this page would have to be the last panel. His expression is perfect and I just adore the anatomy. I would hve liked to see a little more detailing on the door, but if you add shading it should be fine. Possibly almost as much as in the fourth panel. The eye thing is pretty awesome. I would make the lazer just a tad bit darker to make it stand out more from the actual mechanism. The targets were also a really nice touch. Hmm. The only things that really bother me are that in the second panel, Alexandra doesn't have a nose. I know, it's perfectly acceptable in most comics, but it's a pet peeve of mine. ~.~ The other thing is that there is not really a lot of shading. The hair doesn't have any shading, clothes have minimal to no shading, and it just feels very white. I would add a little more black and a darker tone to help shade. I know you can shade well, so try your best not to forget about it!

Thank you again for the lovely update. It always makes me smile.

PS. Alex, sure that may have been a nice door just as you were a nice kid once. Too bad. xDD
January 26th, 2010
Just so you know, I'M ALIVE! :DD
Yes, procrastination is a fatal enemy and yet still I refuse to listen to my common sense and write down all the things I need to acomplish. :/

Anyway, much love to you. I love Trax! He's as much a jerk as Vanilla is. Not to mention how awesome it is that he works with our future non-pretty rock star at a gas station. Even though he's not pretty, be's hot and maybe Vanilla will turn out to be much like him...or so traumatized that it's the exact opposite. xD Also, thanks so much for double toning. Adding shadows to even the already toned parts, ie. Alex in the bottom panel, makes me very happy since it just adds enough minor detail. Also loving the detail on the windows. I did a building assignment and leaving them blank just didn't look right. It adds a lot of depth and realism to the object. Alright, I must be off to my studio art work! Muchos love and thank you for the lovely update.


PS. Trax's comment reinds me of Shang in Mulan and the whole, "I'll Make a Man Out of You" song. He might be close to general level. xD
October 14th, 2009
Yep, arms are super funky in the l=fourth panel! xDD
But I love his facial expression and ears - it just screams bonny rabbit fan girl...somehow.
Anyway, no super long commentary for now - the college application process is a BITCH! DDDD;
September 24th, 2009
To help your battle against sickness, you get an apple['s comment]! Sorry for having been so busy. I'm in Studio Art AP and no it is not the slacker advanced course, it's INTENSE. Thus, drawing has been sucking up my time and [sadly] school, college, and learning to drive are more important - no offense. BUT, I'm procrastinating to avoid my current panic and artist's block so COMMENTY TIME! I hope this makes you a bit happier and that happiness combats your unhealthiness.

Okay, loving Jura's expression as he starts to fall - absolutely priceless. It's one of those, "wait? My center of balance isn't here," kind of face things where he hasn't yet realized he's going to fall on his face. :] (by the way, I've made three of these faces. xD) Vanilla has the extra shading even though I'm shaded making SUPER ecstatic! That panel just makes me simile in it's expression. Only problem would be the hands are a little off - fingers look a little chubby and Vanilla's knuckles need shading. Other than that, BEAUTIFUL! Quick not for the trip and ruler part. The legs bother me. It's a bit of a conundrum because it looks good but doesn't make sense. His leg wouldn't be that low unless he was bending down and I don't think any one but my PE teacher does high leg marching while walking normally. I would also like to have seen a tiny bit of shading to add that 3D depth, but it was well drawn and looks good.
The fall scene has a couple of problems for me as well. Vanilla and Jura's hands looks strange bent like that. I know it's physically possible but it still doesn't look quite right. The other big thing is that all of the hands in the panel go the same direction and are in the same pose, which subtracts from the realistic(?) nature. And [as I always demand], more shading to show depth. I love the pose and that Vanilla has absolutely no control in the fall.
The bottom three panels are my favorite as of late. The movement in the first panel is brilliant: normal hitting into the wall ouchy. Then the excruciating pain of human projectiles is great. The thud lines give us that little impact, and then those speed lines all mixed up with Vanilla's expression - awesome. I especially love Vanilla's hand in that second to last panel. It shows that cringe of pain. Jura's pose is great too. I love how haphazard his arms are. It makes us realize, "hey, this wasn't planned but look how sexy it turned out to be." >D
The only thing that has just started to jug me (and only because my teacher pointed it out) is the labeling of objects. I know, sometimes it is appropriate or hilarious for political or witty humor, but I don't think you ever need to label a wall. It's a bit of a slight to the reader and yourself as an artist - though don't worry about it too much, just try not to state the obvious no matter how detail lacking something may be.

Okay, hope I haven't traumatized you instead of cheering you up. Feel better and thank you for the wonderful update. I really enjoyed all the expressions. :D

September 1st, 2009
I LIVE! Kind of. xD School has started up and I'm still fanatically busy, but it's much more fun than last year. This means that I can happily procrastinate my less entertaining projects and do something much more fun - comment on Boy Lessons!

Hokay, the one thing that stands out most to me is that your background's shading. The trashcan has very nice highlights and a touch of darkness giving it a nice 3D effect, but nothing else does. It may help to just tone the dark side of all the objects a shade darker to help imply light. Just now where your light source is coming from and shade accordingly and you should be set. On that note, Sunny brushing his teeth has wonderful shading. The highlights and shadows are in just the right places and remind me of standing in front of a brightly lit mirror. And his pose gives off a very dorky-but-cute-and-clean feeling. The background adds to the feeling - it's very appropriate. The only thing I can suggest is to shade the toothpaste foam and toothbrush to add more contrast. Other than that, brilliant panel - it made me smile. :]
For the next panel, I love the way you drew the room. The slight curve draws your eye to the back door subtly and the sound effect just nails it in. Sunny, of course, is oblivious. The only thing I would have liked added to him would be a little shading on the hair and face. Towels could also be darker to set them apart from the wall, but I liked it a lot!
And last but certainly not least, the Alex and Sunny panel! I love Alex's buff-ness and how he has subtle muscles. It's very appropriate for his character. The black shirt adds wonderful contrast making the lighter details really stand out, especially on his neck and arms. Sunny's position is so cute. It really adds to his feeling and has clear yet cute body language. I love his facial expression too! The toothbrush and toothpaste were also really nice details. For the shirt, I don't think you really needed t add so many black shading lines, but that's more my preference and isn't a big deal. The only other thing is that the hands on the right side look a little off. They're not quite the right proportion and don't have any knuckles. Maybe add shading to imply bumps and knuckles? Anyway, it's very cute. Thank you for the wonderful update!

Okay, another stupid after midnight comment [it's the only time I can really write. DDD:] But I have been reading when I can and loving what I read [Such as 'Mysterious Hot Man X' -the guy hitting on Sunny- and his absolutely fabulous fashion :DDD].

So before I get even more ridiculously comment-y about the rest of the page, I need to say "I love Alex in the last couple of panels!" Beautiful shading, nice angles (totally under-rated but none the less important),and I'm adoring his expressions - they just scream his personality, but more sophisticated than what he was previously portrayed as. Before, his expression and actions (take first chapter case) that he was a rich boy squandering of his inheritance kind of style, almost to the spoiled bratty portion. In comparison, now he has a "I'm-rich-and-just-that-fucking-amazing-so-I'll-do-what-I-want-because-you-KNO W-I'm-all-that-and-I-actually-deserve-it" kind of feel. Dx That was a really sucky explanation, but in simple terms it's like the amazing photographer playboy who has amazing work and can be respected versus his idiot son who just plays off what his father's name. In other words, more sophisticated-smart sexy. (Also kind of feels like the smart girls who pretends to be ditzy.

Anyway, now I really REALLY must finish my shoes [for sale TOMORROW DD:] and stop procrastinating. Thus, enjoy short comment for today, yes? Mucho love and feel happy. I'll happily be busy working at my temple for our Obon festival, so I'm excited and spreding that too. YAY! xDDD
Aww, compliments make me blush. xDDD It's a pretty happy time, summer.

Anyway, I already like Lunge's class! They each have a unique style and seem to be pretty intense. Asthe-ish-girl (or the girl in the middle) is a happy contribution. I can already tell that though she has a similar hair style thing going on -which I am adoring, the white shading in her black hair is a nice touch and it mixes well with her one dark hair in her bangs-, her personality is different, a more bubbly one. I love you inclusion of jewelry - aka. her necklace - though am not as big a fan of her shirt/bandages thing. It's not quite that practical for sports and though I do love the shading, it doesn't quite follow the wrinkles in her shirt. Maybe add spaghetti straps? Other note, her left hand (our right) is a little off. If you add a few more details an the knuckles though, it would be perfect. Tan-man on the left has a FABULOUS hat. It is freaking awesome. My only problem is that on his arm, I think you shaded an extra space?It would be fine with a little more or less shading, or of a different tone, but as it is now it looks like a part of his arm rather that shading on his sleeve. Headband guy on the right is okay. Not loving him. but no hate either. He looks a little too much like a mix of Lunge and a vampire and, thanks to the Twilight-induced-stupid-cheesy-vampire-romance-novels increase in popularity, I'm a little biased against. His Lunge-style-ness (I'm not quite sure how to phrase it, he looks like a distant relative of Hertzy) also takes away from his original feel and mixing them together makes him my least favorite of the group - though he's not bad. His hand is in a pretty strange position for running and his elbow/arm seems a little strange. Goggles man in the back has some fabulous goggles and gives him a nice feel. Overall knows for the group, pretty good but the composition and placing have a few things that throw it off. They're all placed pretty closely together, yet have some extreme motion poses so it contradicts it. There is also little difference in the height of the characters. It makes it feel a little too well rounded. Their posture and posing seem to be too focused in the middle and going towards the center. It gives it a feel of being very poster-pose-ish and more like an object rather than a bunch of different people with their own posture and feeling. That's the most awkward part of the panel for me. Spacing them a little more and adding depth to that might help give each character their own center of gravity and posture. On a much smaller note, but still important, none of them have noses. I only noticed after looking for a while, so it's okay but, this adds to their "one-object" feel. Maybe adding shading instead of direct lines would help? And now I finished with my super-long rant about Lunge's class. I can't quite yet believe how much I wrote for them, but it was worth it. I like them.

Finally on to the next panel, Hertz. Yeah, again a little awkward spacing. (Sorry, it's just that once I noticed it in the first panel, it stands out more but it's not really all that noticeable) The dust cloud meeting Hertzy's speech bubble makes it seem more like perspective is off and the ground and dust cloud and a single thing, even though it's not off. Also, I loved your shading here. Instead of adding a massive puddle of blood (though it might have helped with the flow of the page) or just pixelating it, this is much more interesting. I'm very pleased. :]

Last negative thing to note it Sunny in the third to last panel. He needs more shading (okay, maybe not but Trinity Blood has raised my standards and anyway, it's not consistent with the rest of the page DX). Just on his fae would be fine. Super shading on him in the his last panel though, very nice. Though adding highlights to his eyes would make them more 3D, it's fine. I'm loving the last panel too! More wrinkle shading in his shirt would be nice, but hey, no complaints.

Thanks for the wonderful update and I hope you're enjoying your summer. :DDD

PS. Sorry, after posting I see that this is stupid long and have now added spacing....
Holy crap. That's so cute, but so screwed up. Oh well, love's usually screwed up so it's okay. Any way, fabulous plot as usual, though not as much digging your art. It's still okay, but there are no backgrounds and the faces/characters seem rushed. I would suggest working on the eyes and facial anatomy more, but your hands and bodies are pretty solid. Thanks again for the wonderful update, it was very much enjoyed. (though I do hope it stays a little screwed up - having it finish happily ever after right now would be kinda off?...)

Aww, you can just feel the brotherly love radiating! :] Herz's expression is absolutely priceless. Oh, as you probably noticed, I LIVE. Yeah, sickness, finals, essays, projects, and panic galore! Buuuuuuuuut, it's all over and I'm free! :DDDD
Yeah, kinda mixed feelings about this page. Soki's eyes, Jura and Sunny's expressions and all kinda off. Jura/Sunny aren't really that detailed and Soki's eyes in the third panel are too big for a normal expression. Though Herzy and Lunge are WONDERFUL. I love their expressions, the body language and anatomy is wonderful (only minor thing off is you land on the balls of your feet, not flat or heel), and great overall feeling of brothers who know each other well. You're getting really good at using tones, but maybe apply some shadows on their clothing and faces more? (Trinity Blood is an excellent reference source for all shading and other ungodly-skills - sorry, my buddy just introduced me to this and I'm hooked! ) Also, the bottom left corner is a little busy and confusing, though the varying tones did help. Thanks again for the beautiful update and I hope you enjoy the summer! :D
Yep, that's our Clover: bitchy and delusional. :]
Hey Milky.

I just wanted to let you know I will take a little hiatus with comments until spring break. All these assignments just keep piling up and sadly school does come first. DDD: Anyway, just letting you know. Be happy and have fun!

Oh! Also, I was giggling with this update. The principal's expression in absolutely priceless. xDDD
Yeah......I'll comment later. Though I do like this page, but I'm just really tired....
Sooooo.....Does this mean Todd was an idiot in his younger days? Since Dean and Todd are the strange mix that makes Todd Allison, you know.
Just what is that hairpin made out of to make it "one of the most expensive things she owns?" By the way, I love her expression when she sees it land on the opposite ledge. Priceless. xDD
February 17th, 2009
Yay! The return of my most favorite character!:DDD
He always seems to be up to some sort of plot to make the situation of so much more interesting! I just can't wait to see what a mess he stirs up. >DD
Any way, lovely art as always, though not the biggest fan of your shading. It's just doesn't match up quite naturally for me, though you do fabulously with clothes. Your anatonmy (the hardest part for me DD:) needs a little improvement, but is all right. Sound effects, flow of panels, and backgrounds are all wonderful - not to mention your amazing plot. Thanks for the update, I really enjoy reading AM. Good luck with school, AM, the whole shebang!