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I like to make sprite comics, play video games, watch TV and play sports, but mostly hockey.
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Just a question, why the hell are his hands minuscule compared to the membership card? :P
I'm making a new comic now
@Kris the Demon
Yeah, Oak's pretty weird...but he did have a door to his Lab before it got kicked in...

We, and by we I mean YOU and other readers, don't know what the Pokemon is going to be yet so you'll have to wait...

Thanks for the compliments! I worked hard to make these comics as funny as I can possibly make them.

Ah, man, you're lucky! I have 3 days of school left and four exams next week. Hope you update your comic sometime!
Right into my favorites because it's awesome!
Haha, yeah...
Commentary #11
Author's Commentary:
Here it is, Issue #11. I apologize for posting it a day late but I went out last night and didn't get to finish it. Either way, I'm still not dead, and neither is this comic! It amazes and intrigues me at the same time. Anyway, I'm sorry that there were no pokemon in this issue, even though I said there probably would be. But I was leaning against two separate issues and this one seemed like the better choice. Not the funniest but I think it turned out alright. Also, sorry for the REALLY bad quality of Anthony's skeleton... That's all for now. Issue #12 is coming soon!

1. Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

2. Don't let the banner deceive you. He most likely will not be choosing Charmander, leaving the choices at Bulbasaur and Squirtle. I'm not EXACTLY sure what he'll pick yet though. You'll have to wait a little while.

3. You should update your comic! It was really getting interesting!

You'll have to wait and see what happens...
Commentary #10
Author's Commentary
Here it is! Issue #10! I didn't think I would have it up tonight but I did. This one was easily the hardest one to make. I had to make Oak's back room from scratch, well kind of. I used a tile set for Oak's Lab that I made. It wasn't that easy, that's the point I'm trying to make. Most likely going to be more pokemon in the next issue so stay tuned for that. I also made those Master Balls, in case your wondering.

Also, if you want to see what Professor Oak's back room/basement looks like when not zoomed in, you can see it here:
I've heard of it, it's on Comic Genesis. That sucks that the joke has been used though. Thought it was original enough. Oh well, it's up now...
Commentary #9
Author's Commentary
I'm getting pretty far on this comic. I honestly didn't think I would be up to the task of 9 comics. That's not supposed to be a joke either. I figured I would have stopped at around 5 comics but I didn't. I'm proud of myself! Anyway, in this issue we learn about Professor Oak's basement, er, "back room" as he calls it. Anthony does NOT like narration, I guess. Can't say I blame him, I find it pretty annoying too. By the way, since you're reading this comic anyway, and I'm not trying to be demanding of you, leave me a comment if you see any errors or things I should fix. After all, constructive criticism is the foundation of comics(or so I believe, anyway). Stay tuned for the next issue!
Commentary #8
Author's Commentary:
Here's Issue 8, only two days after I posted Issue 7. I guess that's not too bad. I would have had this one up yesterday but I was really busy with school work. I apologize for being a procrastinator. Anyway, not really any transition in this one. Exact same background for all but one panel. Not the most exciting comic and if you don't laugh, it's not an inside joke. It's not really that big of a joke anyway. An important change is my speech bubbles. Because of some constructive criticism, I decided to darken the surrounding outline of the bubbles. Other than that, enjoy!
If I were you, I would keep at this comic. I like it. Goin' into my favorites!
Sorry, I'm picky...
You misspelled Dustin's name in the last panel. Not a big deal, I just notice things. Nice work on this comic though. It's really good so far.
This looks really good!
Thank you!
I thank you kindly for your positive criticism and I will do what I can with the speech bubbles.

As for the main character, he's just cranky right now because he can't get his own way. He'll hopefully brighten up when his journey begins. You may/may not like him in the future but I guess that's alright. Live with what you got, after all.

Thanks for commenting!
Commentary #7
Author's Commentary
Holy crap, I actually updated fast! I know, I'm amazing! Anyway, here's the 7th issue, a LOT faster than I thought. I just started working on it and here it is. Not much happens in this one. Anthony(Yes, that's his/my name) attempts to steal a pokemon from Professor Oak but it doesn't go so well. He's caught as soon as his hand goes up to take the pokeball. Oh well, maybe Professor Oak will give him a pokemon to make him leave and never come back. You'll have to wait and see, and hopefully not that long.
Commentary #6
Author's Commentary
Well, here it is! A lot faster than I expected, I might add. I wasn't originally going to have a joke at the end of this issue but then, out of nowhere, this one came to me. I don't know why either. Anyway, I actually typed up a script for this issue because of that joke. I didn't want to forget it just in case I forgot to update. The only other issues I wrote a script for were 1 and 3 and they turned out pretty good to me. I think I'll have to make a script for all of my future comics as well. Same background image for the whole comic so it didn't take as long to make. They don't really take that long to make anyway, as long as you know what your doing, that is. That's all for now, Issue #7 should be up soon and I hope you enjoy this one.
Commentary #5
Author's Commentary:
This is the fifth issue I've made for this comic and I unfortunately screwed up on it. If you have read my previous comics, you would know that all my thought bubbles have a transparent effect to them. Well, I forgot to do that before I made it. So, if I ever remake this issue, I'll have to do that. That's all for now and I hope the next issue's finished soon.
Door Count: 2
Commentary #4
Author's Commentary:
Well, this is the fourth issue for my comic and I do believe it turned out alright. In fact, I'm not sure I'd ever remake this one. Besides, I love Professor Oak's face in the second panel. Anyway, that's about all I have to say for this issue. Oh, here's a question! Should I keep the speech bubbles for Pokémon or just type in their noises without one? Reply with an answer!