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I don't really know what I'm doing, but here I am, anyway.
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Yay, extra low-quality!
I've got no time, but I did it.
Colorless, inkless, but still there.
Besides, a crappy update is better than no update, right...?
-insert cricket noises here-
... Okay...?
He looks squishy and tired and cute and squishy.
I used too many ands last sentence, but I don't really care.
Somehow I think barely anybody's going to wear uniform. (They all have cool clothes anyway.)

Vince cracked me up. Interesting thought process he's got there!
Sorry for not being on lately, everyone!
I've obviously missed a lot... Like this page.
Anyway, the first panel is amazing!
August 6th, 2008
Since there were no comments, here's mine!
My name is (pretty much) the same as Lawrence's.
And my dad's name is Edward.
August 6th, 2008
He's got my name.
Or I have his.

...Kind of...

Different personality, though.
But I like him!
In the first panel, Casey's head is deformed, but I like how I shaded the cloak, though you can't really see it.

Sorry for the long delay between this update and the last...
Flawed Logic:

So, Steak backwards is Keats.
And the opposite of backwards is forwards.
So the opposite of Steak is Keats.
And Steak is dead cow, and Keats is a voice of reason...

So therefore, the opposite of a dead cow is a voice of reason!
This is so flawlessly amazing...
(This is a stupid comment, but hopefully nice to read all the same.)
Because I'm evil, I have bombarded you with text! (Especially in the first panel.)

Oh, and even though the middle panels look bad, they at least have something in the background. (The crappy-looking reincarnation door.)

And... Casey asks too many questions.
Sorry that it's excessively rushed and ugly.
I'll try to keep the rest of them less text-filled, cramped, and ugly.

Anyway, if you're wondering about the lack of actual backgrounds, it's because they're in a place filled with endless whiteness, and therefore, no stuff to put in the background.

(Anyway, there's a new character that's extremely hard to color!)
This is the most violent page for a while...
Anyway, coherent plot starts next page (it's a lot less dramatic and more of a daily life--or death--thing).
This is just to show off my bad skills.

The only thing I kinda like is the switchblade...
The lines are really sketchy...
I'll try harder to make them more clear for the future pages.

On another note: I really like drawing Casey's profile.
I really suck at being deep, so it won't really be like this.
And the art is going to be a bit inconsistent at first, but hopefully I'll get the hang of it.
The last panel is really pretty. Her eyes are so sparkly...

This is awesome so far.
He's so naive-looking! (This is how I see happy, cute things when I feel evil.)

And the bell is just so...
What's the fun in drinking if you can't get drunk? Nah.

So that's one interesting nurse...
With cool hair. (I'm too obsessed with hair for my own good.)
But everyone likes green jello! (I don't, but I'm nobody in particular.)

And the PMS... Oh my...
Runi's expression combined with his pose radiates cuteness... (I can see rays of light emitting from him... Okay, maybe I'm just crazy.)
The orange and blue hair are nice contrasts to each other.
Well, this was a nice thing to wake up, open up my laptop, click a button, and see. Might as well start out your days (or nights) laughing!
(I wonder if all the characters' parents are vastly different.)

And... I love the hair. (I think I love hair more than I should. I just can't draw/color it, so...)