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Well, the name is Paige.
I recently got addicted to online comics.
I'm really not sure why, but it's true.
I can't draw for my life..seriously.
Stick people frown at me.
But I wish I could.

bye, love
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The first page of this I saw the eyes and I was all, "NINJ!" Haha. Ohh, next page needs to come. This is so good. :3
LSD is not bad for you nor is it addictive. (Unless you are using is as an escape and are emotionally/mentally eddicted)other than that, nope. Sorry sorry, I had to say that. D: I'm goin got read the rest now, this seems like it's going ot be awesome.
I adore Theo.
When I first saw him I was like, "AWHHHHH<33"
I decided I should stop lurking this comic and actually comment on it.
It's amazing.
I can't wait for another update.
I read his again, because I forgot where I was, and didn't bother to find out.
His voice makes me think of chimes.
Wow, this is....amazing. :D
This made me feel all happy and stuff for some reason.
I love this page.
Yeah....I'm going to shut up now.
It's okay. n__n
I really like this comic so far.
It's really good.

I would kill to be able to draw.
But I can do a pretty spiffy stick person.
Be jealous.
This made me giggle.
..a lot.

And I just watched the animations.
I was like, "lmao!" when I heard Motley Crue's Doctor Feelgood.

Alsoooo, the banner is amazing.