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yayayaya page 11~~

im quite aware the crowd in the first panel is disgraceful, edward looks a bit too young, and the dragon's anatomy is strange (though this was intentional)

Lol, thank you, how flattering XD If I was a man I'd certainly have that arranged

I do it entirely with a tablet; first I make a sketch with light pink then on a seperate layer go over it with black, then put a layer underneath for shading, all done on adobe photoshop CS

ahh aniki you're comments always make me feel so warm and fuzzy ;D
bla bla page 9

bla bla much delayed

bla bla enjoy
though I'm not entirely pleased with this page either (and I guess I feel that way one way or another with all my artwork), I like how it came out better than the last few pages.
UglyKitten - Thanks for your constructive crit as well, I appreciate it. I can agree to everything you brought up except the last panel, I actually made the outline thick on purpose.
blaaaaaaah page 7

took me FOREVAAAAR and i'm still not pleased with it's outcome. Oh well, what can ya do?
Sorry for being a bit late with this one!
look at me, updating on Monday! Fresh in the morning too muhuhu.

I was worried about how this page would come out, because I'm not used to drawing action scenes. But now I think it turned out okay.

Well, my hair needs washing. I'm out.
page fouurrrr yayaaaaa

maybe I'll say some other stuff later if it comes to me
This page took me RIDICULOUSLY long to finish and I apologize for that, mainly to miss Sai Rong. I'm really lucky I have a writer as sweet as she is, thanks again for being so patient with me. II'm gonna try to set a goal and submit one page every week minimum. T___T;;;; whew ok so comments about the comic....urgh....nothin' to say really. I have a hard time making Edward look like the same person in the panels sometimes, that's kinda frustrating...
TT___TT!!! how sad!

I feel like there was a hidden story between chloe and the hobo~ so mysterious.
oh nooo! ;__; I can see where this is going...
Artist's Comments:
page 2~

This page is more bitmapped than the other one, yes. >: I really didn't want to resize it anymore though, so this'll have to do.

With this comic I'm trying to use a minimilistic style (the small range of tones and sketchy boxes) I hope it looks okay, rather than making me look lazy. Which I am, though.
Artist's Comments:
The first page, hopefully I can bring the second one up quickly.

This is the first time that I really have experience with drawing a dragon. I usually almost never draw them, but since Sai Rong has one in her story, they're pretty fun, actually. Especially this one that's covered in flames instead of scales.

The random people in the third pannel took me much longer to draw than they should have ;;;