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Is Dolores' face a hanging flowerpot with an egg in it? She has a sinister look about her.

I think my favourite animal-crossing-related thing will always be "The terrible secret of animal crossing". At least until I find dirty fanfiction of it anyway.
Conversation when my friend drove me to the station.
Man university is eating me alive.
And I'm sick as a dog right now.

So here's something I forgot to upload here.
Awww, I wanna live in lesbo-land.
She's totally in there.
Let's forget what we planned to do today.
Let's go out and find someone new!

I'm still on a TF2 kick what.
Anyway in case the reference is lost on you these are from the game TEAM FORTRESS 2.

Not really an in-game joke I just haven't slept properly for about two/three days and it's affecting my mind, y'know?
Took a break for my birthday =w=
Nineteen. Man. It's been years since my age had a nine in it.
You can tell not much effort went into this one, right?
I needed to draw something to stop myself spiraling into a fit of sobbing and eating ketchup sandwiches.
I really like Army of Two.
The videogame, I mean.
I don't know what it is, but I want to hug the obese floating furry thing. I'm sure if I actly played Zelda games I'd be disgusted and hate it though.
I am not a fan of sprite comics =w=
How can you portray a character's emotion when they are so dull and pixelated?

Also, added to the About page. It has some things on it now.
Geez this is from, like, back in May. But I still sorta like it so I'll put it here.
FYI I draw a gay RvB fancomic too SUBTLE LINK I like that it's probably the first RvB fancomic NOT made with stolen sprites. Keh heh heh.

I'd feel bad bringing gay into this comic too, but frankly I take gay everywhere I go. Like a well-worn pair of shoes.

@LynnPlushie: I draw using a wacom tablet and photoshop.
I buy these games thinking I'm gonna get a magical sparkling rainbow of Disney adventure and instead all Square gives me is boring emo wangsting bishies in hoodies.
If I wanted to hear grown men cry I'd call my brother.
As a child, I would find abandoned sparrow eggs near my grandparents' house and attempt to hatch them in a matchbox. Whenever I did so, my father would tell me this magical tale.
Frankie, Andy and Russell take on the nefarious Doctor Sheep as the unstoppable team "Cheese, Wine and Rubbish". Stolen entirely from Mock the week.
The mouths are also a lot like Buckley's. I'm not trolling here, just trying to give you a few pointers rather than just "lololol so funneee". There's potential to improve if you try.
Plus if you're gonna base your stuff on another artist's style at least choose someone who *isn't* a massive faggot like B^Uckley D:
Rem puppy, of course, is much more faithful.
First comic is a Death Note parody. How like me.
Your way of drawing characters is far too similar to Buckley's. You should practice your own style summore and really push your drawing ability.