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Bahahahaha her apro and drooling.

Bestest mom ever. xD
When I read the first panel my mind went into the gutter.. Then realized I mistook what he said.. OTL

*crawls into huge pile* Huuuug ;w;
Loool, why am I so amused. xD
dis betturh b 4 realz

LOOOL, well this was [un]expecting. <___>

I'mm stare at this page for the next hour now, kay.
Happy Canada day to you too. ^^

Heh, wow Haru's such a pig when it comes to food. xD;;
Have fun in Italy. o 3o/

Poor Haru, seems so clueles.. of where the kitchen is.
You're killing us. 8[

But dayuuuum, that boy got some abs. ;P
ahhh, she's so cute when she's oblivious.

Sorry I didn't see this sooner. Must have deleted the email notification from that mass inbox clean up. D;
I just noticed that I wrote "And the" instead of "And Then". OTL

@Everyone ;; thanks. ;O
Rofl, his morning hair makes him loook adorable. -w-
Hai, I have exams in like an hour.

Managed to squeeze a page in. Gonna go there early to review some math notes.. oh wait nevermind, I'm Asian.

Also practicing a newer style that hasn't been to great lately.

Excuse the messiness. @__@
Ohhh, kiiiiinky- *shothard*

Ahh, Clueless Angel. is adorable. ; u ;
DO WANT. <3333
WTFadhjajfal Nazo looks soooo adorable. I literally squee'd.

Rofl, now that I think of it, Niji does over do things [sometimes]
Rofl, Drunk!Haru is so cuuuute. ;w;
ROFL, man, you gotta love crack.
OMG an update. *sobsofjoy*

Yeah speaking of free time. I should finish that DRRRxVA picture.
I dun think I can be in your RP group. Should have seen me in AoWaM, I died away from there and then left. D:

But, Your image, oh gee. It makes me want to draaaaw more VA pages. ; w ;
Oh cool. I'll try to design a magical boy. :3
@Stich ;; You'll see. ;O
@Doom && Poke ;; Thanks. > w <
@Fire ;; I'll probably hold the DRRR!! project until I finish my science project. Since that actually counts for something. xD;;
@Koneko ;; I love me to- *shot*
Since it hasn't been updated for awhile. *Revives*

Currently I'm working on a not - so - secret. Vocaloid Academy project. ;>
Here's a hint on what I'm doing.

Just the song. :0

Also! Advice needed.
My science teacher has assigned us a project. Yes a project, make a comic / children's book on an invasion of a 'virus' and having B - cells and T- cells and shiet trying to destroy it.

But here's where I need help, I decided to bend the rules quite a bit, in the criteria sheet. It says the pages must be fully coloured. But it never said I could digitally do the pages. So should I post the comic on SJ? If so, on a different alt account? :0

Need some sorta of response whether I should do so or not. The project's due in about 2 weeks, and I'm planning on making it atleast 3 chapters long. [Decent enough for a mini series]

Merci, ;O Apologies for the long ass post. >__<