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I procrastinate.
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HWHOA! I love it! Thanks, Secret Santa!!
I... also used to think Freiza was a she.

Well, he does sound like a chain-smoking woman.
Great story!! I loved the imagery you used!! :D
Wahh!! It's so awesome! Thanks secret santa!(even though I think I know who you are!)
Ah, um, sorry for being stupid but what does Jack mean when he says "He took it"?
YES! It has begun! :D
Oh good lordy. What were they thinking when they named that thing, haha.
I think the 5th one is a Yanma or whatever that dragonfly-thingy's called.
September 12th, 2008
Cool, I've always liked things with "GIGANTIC MONSTARRS AND STUFF".

I favourited'd'd it!
Kinda bummed that you deleted the old pages, but really looking forward to the new pages! Good luck!
Just found this comic. Pretty awesome stuff. Favourite'd'd.
lol at the dude in the last panel.