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I make cartoons.
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I appreciate it!

The comic isn't the highest priority now, but SQ is my favorite creation. We're busy working on a lot of other things, but we're also working on the pilot of an animated SQ :) ..very slowly.
Yeah boiz, been busy doing other things. SQ is my passion though <3
I'll stop updating it. The comic is really a prototype of what we'd like the animated version to be.

We've got lots to do and we have over 50 episode ideas written down. The comic is already reaching that point too (the point of not being updated anymore) because I'm busy working on other things (which includes Side Quests, just not the webcomic). But I still try to update the comic so I can at the very least finish the season because when I go long periods without working on it I feel guilty lol
follow me on the twitters to stay up to date with what I'm doing :v

haven't updated SQ cause I was working on a dumb overwatch toon, Time Attack episode 2, and now I'm flying out to LA on Sunday for 2 weeks! HANG TIGHT BOIZ
@DerpyMooCow; I'll try, this week is kinda busy since real Jeff got married and we have friends visiting from out of town!

@Maverick_Mentation, I'll allow it. But, these are shaded rough draft pages. The clean lineart isn't there so it might look kinda, not great. If someone does it I dunno if I'll use it - but people can do whatever they please!
Mmmm yes Kitsy, it is the best :D

And I was actually thinking that too, coloring special pages, or at the very least special panels. It's been a while since I've read any mangas in Barnes N Nobles, but I remember reading a few that'd do that and I liked it when I was a wee boy.
HERE'S... Page 180 :O

A few pages back I entertained the idea of only doing roughdraft pages. Ideally, I at least wanted to finish this episode for the sake of visual consistency, then start Season 2 with roughdrafts only. Most of you were okay with the idea, since I update so slowly. But I'm updating slower than I thought so I'm doing it now.

There are a lot of reasons why I update SQ slowly; after drawing all day/week for work, I'm not always in the mood to draw SQ, even though it's my most favorite thing. I made this roughdraft last night, I make roughdrafts pretty quick - but I still don't enjoy coloring and doing backgrounds so I end up putting pages off for a while, then dragging my feet through the process of finishing it, which is why it can end up taking a month to complete. It ends up feeling like an obligation.

The comic is really a prototype too, the animated version is slightly different in some areas. It's sort of a dead end, I’m not going to restart it - but it’s still useful because I can test ideas with it. And without starting it, it wouldn’t have turned into what it is today. Having ideas on paper isn’t the same, the comic sorta took on a life of it’s own and with established characters Jeff and I just throw them into situations and it writes itself!

I'm going to continue doing SQ for fun, which is why I started it in the first place, and with the rest of my time work on concept art for the SQ Show Bible, my usual work, and my youtube channel.

Thanks for your support <3
I always read it ;]
Just a heads up guys, probably won't update the comic this month, and maybe not in September either! I'M SORRY. I want to but-

BUSY BUSY BUSY follow me on twitter, and tumblr to stay up to date with things :v

I got MHGen, it's pretty good.
I love it.
Our humor has evolved some and I thought the original joke wasn't that great, and a bit tasteless.
Only time will tell ;) I like your thoughts Slappy31.

In regards to a book explaining the creatures and lore of the world, we've had an idea like that for a long time. It would be "Jeff's beastiary" where he chronicles all the things he has seen on his quests. We just haven't gotten around to it.
I'm really slow at drawing backgrounds :V

Also I decided to make the page 50% larger! HOPE YOU LIKE.
I thought that after I drew it too LogicShogun, but it still might catch her off guard and surprise her :P I considered adding a "twisting" effect to the last panel, but that might be a bit much, if she twisted the candle stick a bit, that could hold Gabby back, but I don't want people to think she twisted it so much it broke her hand/arm.

And I like your theories LordAi ;)

Not much talking going on, so this is a quick page to read through ); sorry about the delay! I made a Game Grumps animated and other things between the last 2 updates, I've been busy!

Thank you so much Ultimate! I'm glad you like it :) and hopefully I can get to work on the next page soon.. I'm working on other things right now, including a new Game Grumps Animated :>
We've named it.. Arachnicake