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Ehm. Name's Kate.

I'm totally new to the whole webcomic thing.

And I'm not nearly good enough [yet] to submit anything.

Someday I will. =]

I'm a grammar snob and I beta, so I can guarantee that if there is a mistake, I will point it out. Please don't maim me with a plastic fork because of it. Because that would totally suck.

For me at least. "-.-

I'm not actually twenty one, that's just what I put generically.

I'm fifteen.

Horses are my life.

BL and yaoi are generally what I read. If they have some semblance of a plot. =]


Please, if you want to know anything else, ask me.

And the I mean, has more information.

Thank you very much for visiting, I hope you have a fantastic day.
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Tony honey, hate to burst your angst bubble but...Micky = seme. You = uke. Usually ukes don't do a whole lot of bully-beating.


Watch the ball come out of nowhere and hit him in the head. Then Peter has to save him. Again.

Roflcopter @ the fact that Peter's already saved him like twice. =]
We have an issue.

The issue is that my "next" button isn't taking me anywhere. REMEDY PLEASE. Preferablyrightnoaw.

I know school's crazy though. Thanksgiving break = no progress.

Anyway, I'm always amazed that you actually have plots in here. It's not just mindless smut. Which is cool sometimes, but it's fantastic that you work an actual storyline in. Marrymeplease.

David's a sweetheart.

He needs to DUMP THAT DAMN MAYOR already. Rargh.

Poor Desta. Don't freeze to death. Or cry to death. Or die in general. Kaythanks.
For some reason, the dead boys make me laugh. I don't know why but they amuse me.

And I am unhealthily fond of this. Lawls.

The word penetration PENETRATES the border. Bahaha, awful joke. *is shot*

EDIT: Comment virginity = mine. =] Victory.
Oh whatevs, the haunted house with a crazy ghost in it just moved like a hundred yards. No biggie.

Laughed so hard when I read this page. Fuh serious.

Oh Matsuri, you're so cute.

Oh Minato, you're so...way too chill about this haha.
Total lawls at the "dangerous guy" bit. That was great. =]

Also, while I'm slightly saddened that their relationship is failing, I am laughing with glee. It's hilarious. For serious.
You're hilarious. =]

I do love the random adding of the "desu" at the end. I always laugh when people do that hahaha.

Or when people mispronounce "kawaii" as "kowaii," which means scary or frightening.

Neways, don't die. And don't be away too long. I might virtually cry. Lawls.
BAHAHA. All fours haha. You're so fantastic.

Bee tee dubs. Thanksgiving break = do all your homework and make up homework week.

Or weekend. =]

Monday cut up fais is for srs.

God I wish I could buy this. But my parents might find it slightly suspicious I'm buying gayness. I have a feeling they would laugh. =]Oh, and the fact that I would read it overandoverandover instead of doing homework. Once it hits stores I'll get it. =] Because you're good. And I bet this will be in stores soon. Fuh serious.
First comment?

YES! Comment virginity stolen!


That's really cute. Aladdin is perfect. =] This is a nice little break from all the angst right now.
BAHAHA. "Don't give me that shit," Definitely laughed out loud. =]

That was fantastic.

Also, Desta and David snuggles = epically cute.
Yes, perfect uke right there.

Change your plot and make it yaoi hahaha. Joking. =]

I'm glad the mouse lived. =]I caught a mouse once. It was in our study and I caught it. Then I tried to give it a bath in a jar. But it ran away.

Just in case you wanted to know. =]
Awww. Poor Astir.

...That would've affected my ego if I were him. "-.-

Seriously though...ass falls hurt.

Angry Astir is cute though. =3
In this case, I believe every man should be a swordsman. =3


Way to crush a man's dream, mom. Erm, if she is the mom. She's cute. =]
Trust me dear, I have been riding horses for eight draw horses well. I kid you not.

The movement and conformation is actually very correct.

...And I sounded way too smart right there.

In any case, I'm interested. =3
Wow, this page made me laughoutloud times liek ten.

Missing singer is epic.

"'Genius, no?' '...No.'" That made me laugh crazy hard.

WHOA. Clover smiles. OOC? Pfft yeah right.
...It may cause some jealous Monday problems.

Ren makes me so happy. He's a crazy. =]

MondayxClover definitely rules all though.
Yes, Monday is a very angry person when someone kisses his poor, vulnerable Clover.

"Die die die" equals major win.

Oh, and the "Jynx much", that's win too.

Clover chugs. That's definitely attractive. =]
PHear the anti-heart hand!

Last panel = Monday looks pissed. So does Clover. I can feel the Ren abuse coming.

Haha. Chloey.

Ren definitely must be Clover's favorite person. Hah yeah right.

Love Ren's hair.

Oh dear. I can just feel the silly-hormonal-boy drama piling up. I'm excited.

You're my favorite evar. =]
Oh dear.

I do believe what we are witnessing here is...denial.

No, not rejection. Denial.

Larxt, we need you.

And Lucid, I would definitely turn my asexuality gay for you.
And I'd totally wait for you to eat dinner. =]

Haha, "sucking my face off in public like that" That line definitely made my day. =] And the angry slam cup. I like that cup a lot bytheway.
Denial page is win.

And uber love-epic-intense.

And "Uuh." Is a very suave response Clover, very suave.

Ahahaha Clover makes me laugh with his awkward, confused, ultra ukeness. Last panel makes me laughoutloud. A lot. =]

Anddd you have no idea how much I love this page. You inspire me lots. =]

Your left pinky finger pwns me.
Clover's so adorable. Haha, aww and he's so conflicted. He totally subconciously wants Monday.

Except he hasn't realized it yet. But when he does.....uhm....I can die happy? Yeah. Love Monday's ultra confusion liek 'fuckthewhat is going on?' Yet he goes along with it.

I laughed quite intensely this page. It made me happy. =]

Edit: haha, wow I'm a loser, I didn't notice until liek, right now that Monday has a sneaky, sneaky hand. That's super genius.

And he has magical healing abilities in his saliva. Offer yourself up, Clover.