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Mashmellow Muffin
Just when you thought you got rid of me three years ago. You goofed up and I'm back. You butter watch your back. I got your toast!

I voice act, I'm sorry.
Oh golly I'm behind. HA HA HA........

Not like anyone is keeping up though. >v>;
sorry but I have gifts to make! Will be back soon!!
10 years later and I'm still here.....sigh.....sorry about that.
You can't put a label on everything, Banny.
Style shift! What a change after 7 years! This is really more of the style I should have started out with to begin with. I learned SO MUCH with the old style but it wasn't something that was 100% I feel.
Opppppsssss!!! I have no self control! Update for the holidays! Finally getting into the none back log of pages. How about a call back cover to chapter 5. >wO May or may not update tomorrow as well!
Two page update! Vol 3 END!~ Taking a short brake until cyber Monday with a major update! Please take good care! ;w;
This chapter might change here on out a little which means the ppl that bought vol 3 IRL can see the different!
Two page update today to make up for last week! Sorry I was busy with inktober and life!
More of a what if kind of thing.~
Filler this week! I have like, no time! @_@
Been thinking about making the next chapter 2 pages a week. Any takers?
Happy Oct! Nothing has to be rewritten yet!
I really need to catch up! >_<;
Big update today!
Monday already?
September already????
I could have done this so much better! fffffffffffffff

Going on a small hiatus until September!