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Mashmellow Muffin
Just when you thought you got rid of me three years ago. You goofed up and I'm back. You butter watch your back. I got your toast!

I voice act, I'm sorry.
More of a what if kind of thing.~
Filler this week! I have like, no time! @_@
Been thinking about making the next chapter 2 pages a week. Any takers?
Happy Oct! Nothing has to be rewritten yet!
I really need to catch up! >_<;
Big update today!
Monday already?
September already????
I could have done this so much better! fffffffffffffff

Going on a small hiatus until September!
On second thought, don't look at me updating. >_<;;
Look at me forgetting to update. This week has been a killer!
Look at me updating. WOW how long can I keep this up? >wO
Did you know I hated how vol 3 (chapters 18-22) turned out? The pacing was a mess and I knew that during making it. But not to worry! I have finally come to terms with how much it sucks and learned from it. (It only took 3 years lol) Anyways, I haven't had as much time as I would like to work on creative things lately but I am working on a much bigger project connected to this webcomic in a small way. *cough* I'm so sorry if anyone was waiting so long for an update on this webcomic. I doubt anyone was but if there was anyone, I really am sorry! I have been sitting on these pages for a pretty long time. I have never forgotten about this webcomic......this story ...the characters....EVERYTHING! But lets just say if you are a fan of everything I just mentioned, stay turned. Maybe a couple of announcement having to do with an animation of sorts. tee hee. (But if you fallow me on twitter you already know what I'm working on sooo... yeee.... )
And so I start updating once a week starting next week! Reboot starting SUPER SOON! NEXT YEAR IS A BIG YEAR!
what a dick
Out of place update, just like me! =w=
Something just told me to update 2 times today.
This page was stupid. And not in a good way. lol
WOW almost forgot to update! LOL oppps

@Piggy-chan: SAME!