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I'm a student, I enjoy drawing, running in circles for an hour and a half, giggling minacially, purposefully mumbling something so that my mom will ask me "what?" so I can respond with "nothing~" and make her slowly go insane, playing with my cats, listening to loud music, and hand banging to Bach.
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New comic!
Reply: Le Mustache Twirl
I am not a horrible, awful person! I'm just witty. And full of jello.
Re: FanFantasy
You'd be pretty surprised on how much weight those things will take.
I never get sunburned, I just tan. (I love my portugese genes because of this.) So having a bad sunburn is a new concept for me. Though, I'll probably be gloriously tanned after this sunburn is gone.
Here's your link.
Ugh I need help so bad on this site. Someone help me 8[

Movie ticket: $7.00
Popcorn found on the ground: free
Laughing evilly in public right outside the theatre: Priceless.