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I wanna be a billionaire cause I have ridiculously expensive hobbies :<
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3 chapters in! For those who read until here, thank you so much QAQ
Here we go!
My sincere thank you to everyone who have stayed and read the first chapter! XD
Mike you perv.
Cookie for anyone who can guess what those figurines are based off.
@jsRPG03: Thanks a lot! I think this is the first time I'd ever received such a positive comment hahaha. :)
I love what I did with the lighting here. XD
I'm bad with burn marks too I guess ._.
I hate cars. I hate cars. =3=
I just got 6 fans! Thanks everyone for reading my comic! XD
Cookies for anyone who know what pose Minny is mimicking.
Hi guys! This comic is loosely based off live events that transpired, I hope you guys will enjoy the read!
Sorry for the lack of updates guys, a lot has been happening on my side. :(
Happy new year!! Aw... orz I was actually hoping for a train robbery.
Sorry for the lack of updates! I was having exams. I'll most likely draw an incentive if possible later XD
November 23rd, 2013
Well, totally didn't expect this. I was expecting the usual "she gets away!" scene.
Going out of my comfort zone to draw this page, it's not perfect, but I sure love it.