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Whip the Rabbit
I love making Webcomics, but Deviantart won't accept them, so I post them here instead.
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enjoy this update 8D

Okay so I guess I should paragraph but. Yeah nah. I'm happy to be working on Balance now, that's all I really got to say. = )
I dunno how often updates will be, but ideally 2020 is looking promising so. We shall see. = D
Pft. No one knows who Lucas is frick'em.
Still. Cyrus is one of the most underrated villains. I'm hype for this. owo
This somewhat reminds me of the art style in Terraria~!
Any chance of inspiration from that? = o
I like the dramatic lighting on this one a lot~!! Good on you~ = D
"I'll revive RSL when I'm DEAD"
Clearly, there is one course of action left.
Oookay. Gonna go ahead and delete this unnecessary yama-slamming. Let's be civil my dudes, we're all friends here. uvu
Okay but this is a hard choice because Remmis is a good

But blobby Remmis tho
I can't believe in a week you've quadrupled your sprite sheet. //sLAPPED
This is looking good so far my dude~! I still can't believe he became a prisoner angel dictator though.
Elec sneeze on the autograph please.
Also I can't help but love Zankh even if she's obnoxious PLEASE HAHAHA.
Fricken. Rip Zefir I can't believe he's DEAD.
So like. Can a Cheri just kinda fall into his mouth pls. Elec please don't kill the only good Eevee in this comic//SLAPPED
(Technically, Goku only had the Halo when he was dead too.)

Spirit Reidy rocking this land like a HERO
Will say, his abdomen seems a little long? It looks fantastic though, and it's a good derust considering how long it's been!
So she asks how holding an umbrella is a power...
but not "how are you holding that with no fingers"
Like, okay, the whole eating him part is actually unnecessary here though, right??
Like, all he has to do is ask for the umbrella. He literally just needs the umbrella.
Kirby. Kirby please
Ket being... The same size as Sonic at a solid 3ft 3inches.
I guess "small" is relative though. 8D
Oh. I have a vague inkling on who it might be now. owo;
Still, Blair turns out to be a real softie once you talk some sense into him. :c
Anyone who can make Blair flinch like that is terrifying to think about. owo
"We're in Shinx territorry"
>>that's a Luxio
Artemis bless you're trying.
Oh sure Erza, NOW you want to listen.
Funny how convincing a good old smackdown can be. 8D ;;