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Hi =d
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also the fur on yur belly in missing on carpet
funny. i nvr thought he would get one Lol!
SONAMY ONLY! Shadamy will never happen..
Also i think bass is gonna get his eyes cut out by sonic.. serously sonic is gonna be pissed
are they ever gonna get out of there????
also is it true that you already made 287 comics? But havent posted them all yet?
that game is messed up!!!!!!!!!!!!! And soniku is so slow..
dont kill me but the three chao are missing in 2nd panel
uhh iam a girl not a mr. but ohwell =D Mistakes are Mistakes
Can i plz,plzplzplzplzplz have permissions now?
May I have Permissions Please?
so far i read every comic of Sf and i fav it now? i Should of fav'd it on the first comic! Keep Making Good Comics!