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I would love to get all my manga ideas out for others to read! That's what I want to do, but it isn't quite easy being only a writer. I'm 18 and now out of high school, so I'm still pretty much a manga writer on the net. It's just so much easier...
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It's another filler. And a rather true one at that. School is exhasting waking up 6 in the morning x.x Next page coming up!
Breenara, our great artist was unable to draw up the next page do to school so here is a great Seth filler for everyone! =D Enjoy!
Well I would love to continue this beatiful story, but I don't have an artist right now to continue :( Still looking...
Happy New Year!
2008 is here! Why not celebrate it with another comic page! =D Enjoy Hadrian's awesome Earth powers! *gasp*
Happy Holidays~!
Hey all, sorry we couldn't get a comic page up do to the holidays so Bree has drawn up a cute christmas comic. Enjoy!
Sorry for the late update! And by late, I mean by a week ^^;; But here's the page now, enjoy!
Today's update is a filler. A pose by the great Seth! Sorry for not putting up the next comic page due to the fact that I had interms all week =0
OMG! That was awesome! Great job! <3
Happy Halloween!
From the creators of YDMD to all of you! <3 I was going to put this up yesterday ^^; But my classes yesterday had me exhausted. Didn't get home till 7pm. Hehe

This features Raven and Dai with Breenara, Seth and me at the bottom ^^
Sorry for the late update, but here's the next page! Already, a new character ^^ Welcome Sir Hadrian, the teacher, and his pet owl (with a surprise secret!) named Temius!
It could also be a hole too. I actually thought it was myself. Made so much sense.
Yet another page! Yay! I can't wait to introduce yet another character~ <3

Oh the answer to the last lage, the riddle was a torch! Now we need to know if you would like more riddles like that. (That relate more to the story to see who's really paying attention :P)
I just started college last week so I was unable to get the next page up. So instead we have a filler for you! We want to try this out and see if you guys would like to continue something like this in the future. Riddles!! Do you know the answer?

[EDIT]I'll put the answer to this comic in the next update! Happy guessing! :D
Time for a new character! Welcome Seth :D
Happy B-Day~!
I love the picture! :D
*-* What a pretty page! Can't wait for the next update!
Sadly, Breenara couldn't send the finished picture due to no interent access where she is so here's a houmour filler for you all! Which also is the reason for her avatar quote "Boys make ugly girls"

BTW, sorry for the page size. That shall me changed soon
Hi all! As I expected, we were unable to get the next page up due to the last late update. So instead, we have here a quick filler featuring Raven and Dai. They look quite happy for enemies...
Hope you like it ^^
Sorry for the late update ^^; Things got tight and we couldn't get this page up on Friday, but now here it is! We may or may not update tomorrow (Monday) due to this late update. But if not, this comic will be back to normal next Friday!
Yup ^^ She is a great artist, isn't she?