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you don't deserve to know anything about me. 'nuff said bitchs.
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idk about other girls but me and ask are just fucked in the head :P
a singing angle... enjoy
no this.. this place is... still alive? :S i think
alive... and bored :P
i'm still alive i've just been distracted with school and trying to get my volentier hours... and yes thats my exsuce :P <3

any who orgenaly my friend mely drew somthing like that and told me to draw something like that and so i did... Last year.... :P
congrates you to cuties ;)
ok thats slightly odd :S
yeah... wait what? srry dude i have no clue what you just said :S
i LOVED those things! :P they are just so AWSOME!

scary as shit but still awsome! :D
no its cuz she's always alone and no one wants to talk to her
well thats good you should always try diffrent thing to exspand you range of drawing styles
nope it was made in 2010 just like the rest of them :P
nope its the way i wrote the date weird i know but accualy its feb.11 2010 :P lol just wrote the way i was tought :P
i'm more of a punk goth rebal type person.... :P

emo's are just winny little pussys who can't deal with there problems so they cut them selfs... or at least the emo's i know :S
we repersent the loliepop gulied

i was really hyper one day and just went around singing we repersent the loliepop gulied... and i knida just drew this me with a giant loliepop :D
i've workeed really hard on this :S
@Prince Kilvas: no problem i'm glad you like it! :D

@WolfieBoy:thank you nice to know you love them :P

@Heron Princess: no i don't, i'm just gald you like it ^^ and thats all i need! :D
a sammiexpaulie pic for the cute cuple <3
i think there tottaly cute together ;) don't you?
ok Sable Lobo... just apply an you will be accepted