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Not really. You've gotten much better at sprites, Polly
Wow... You guys started a war on something so basic as a Halloween pic. Anyways, Yama, I think you're a pretty damn good spriter. And happy 18th birthday to ya, too
I can't do 'em because I lose my focus. This is why I don't have a single solo comic
I'll still be around, Felix
Kinny: I'll still be around, and I'll still be watching TAoKiWI
Whip: Ha X3

Yama: Maybe. Until then, keep up the awesome work on Amy's Revenge. It's great ^~^
Gata: Yep

Whip: No. MS drawing is my thing and I won't stop.

FM: Yeah, I'll still be around. Just not spriting
Yeah, WAS being the operative word.
*climbed on* Hehe, you're welcome, Tessa <3
A little gift for one of my bestest friends ever, Tessa <3 Enjoy, buddy ^~^
XD That's fine. I remember when Paul was chocolate and Linny nommed his bangs. The cookie bandit thing still brings back funny memories XD
Yay for more Tessa ^~^ I missed ya buddy
OMG! Tessa, you're back! Yays <3 *huggles*
X3 John's Paul's best friend, so he's his brother in law as far as I see it XD And what other guy?
Here it is, for my pal Sam ^~^ Took longer than I thought, but I like how it ended up ^~^
This took me a while to do. I know that when I sprited Blondie(Top right, bottom left, and bottom right), it didn't come out as well as I'd hoped, but oh well. Enjoy ^~^
The bangs aren't as good as I hoped, and the hair in the back looks rushed, but I think I still did well, nonetheless ^~^