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La Ti Da! *dances*
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Jeremey, my love, an update is desperately need...even if it's just one page.
It's been 4 months :/
YAY! YAY! YAY! I love you I love you I love you! <3 ^-^
Update nao! D:

I can't wait to show up in the comic...don't make me wait 7+ years like in LASTfantasy! T_T

lol ily <3
Last panel = <3
YAY! Harrow City looks AWESOME! :]
YAY! You're awesome...enough said ;]
love you
A black person?!? XD lol

and I love Jeff on this page!!!
:O I want a chocolate ocean planet and a holiday about me!
ooh ooh and licorice trees and cotton candy clouds and cookie dough mountains and...

ah You get the point ^_^; lol

We're coming back
coming back
We'll live forever
live forever
Let's have a wedding
have a wedding
Let's start the killing
start the killing!

Bahahahahaha I love you! ^-^
Ooh shiny! ^-^ lol
lol Wallace XD

Poor Neil though D:
Don't cry!!! please...

& I like the page layout...very "futuristic" P:

Like I didn't know what was going to happen lol ;D

Beautiful job <3
Population -1 XD
Great job as usual :3
Yeah but once I show up in the comic, you'll have tons of new fans ;D lol
dun dun dun
I like the fire!
Very good job! <3

and we already have 29 fans! *tears*
It's not that big of a spoiler Jer :P lol

and Oh I made a new's the same info as the old one try to send the co-author request for Scintilla Star and hopefully it workds this time lol *crosses fingers*