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E-Errm... Hello :3 I'm Kaylee, also known as Mysterie and Fruitsbasketbaka (on deviantART). I'm a pretty nice person who likes mainly BL comics and GL comics but if you have a comic feel free to share with me :D
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aHHH i-i just.. this was always my favorite fairytale as a kid and i love it so much even though it saddened me no one knew it and aHHH ITS NOW HERE *drowns in happiness*
Aww precious dating babies
Ooooh yeah babies be growin up!!
*cries like a mama*


Joking aside, I can't wait to see how this unfolds <3
Talkin out feelins time! :D
Dawww dat blush <3
"Its that feeling when you wanna smack some girl right in the face. Wanna demonstration?"

My friends love for catfights is rubbing off on me...
I'm smelling a catfight~ ;o
I'll keep them to mah self <3
and these boobies suffice even if they are drag. xD
Nooo not the sad D;
this page has a SEVERE lack of boobs.

I don't like this girl....
D;;;; too much sad...
Good luck with the teeethhhh D> Also damn girl's got looks AND smarts. Double threat! double also so much sad D;
Why do the "Muah" bubbles look like they are millions of tentacle sperm having sex?
Awwww last panel totes says "why wont you lovee meeeeee D; "
D; they should riot. I'm talking pitchforks and barracades D< WHAT WILL THE PLOT DO WITHOUT HIM!?
*insert two unrelated characters with similar hairstyles and clothing*
I won't really cry cause now i has boobs and sweatervests!! :D
;O I would supply my usual witty/humerous comment but I'm too busy crying at this shocking development D;
"its called reverse psychology, GOSH!"
and then they go make out in a rainbow castle. xD

Love that blush on the last panel, by the way...~