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Tiffany says (6:27 PM):
As a shoujo otaku
Love will and shall be pure always *A*
*dramatic pose*

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Yea, You tell him Cho :U
Oh gosh, Kyle is so adorable~~ @w@
Lmao, that expression is priceless xD

Such an amazing person you are, you ;3;
Those flowers sure make him look prettier ;3;
March 28th, 2009
Seven's thoughts xD

T.K. Is definitely an interesting fellow *w*
March 20th, 2009
Oh god, Jori's hands just make it hilarious xD
Oh, you awesome person, you, Everyone looks cute ;w;
Amoura's expression is no doubt, priceless xD
Aww, we need to active again, I miss collab ;A;'

Also, lovely Lucien looks lovelyy~
Maan, I'm seriously loving your art style ;A;
I was too lazy to open Photoshop. I was also too lazy to color correctly :D''

Sorry guyz D'8
Wow, I love her hair! >3<
This is an island, be creative and use sand as mascara 8D
Oh, this is priceless, +fav.
Oh em gee, oh em gee. Thats amazing ;o; <33 Especially love your soft coloring ;u;
I'm fine with both pages x:

I'll post a page, eventually xD;
It's just so natural you wouldn't expect that. xD
Old fashion borders, ah the good days.

I love how Professor Oak came out of no where and popped up at the side. xD
<3 your angry chibis, hands, screentoning, everything ;o;
Omg omg omg, Brenda, you screentone genius. I envy you. ;o;