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Just a guy who likes to kick back, and play my bass. I also draw in my free time. I'm O.K. at it, but I want to get better.
LIKES:Les Claypoole, Thrash Metal, Edgar Allen Poe, bass guitars, Waluigi, pie, and hanging out with my friends Micah, Keegan , and Alek.
DISLIKES: Jerks, cherry flavored ANYTHING, The Jonas Brothers, Twilight, OCD people, math, and Trashy girls (almost every girl at my school)

Fravorite quotes from me and my friends:

"these stupid computers were built to fail, like action replays...and the French"-Me

"This is so contemplating, it requires TWO hands"-Micah

"Ya know what would be the greatest weapon ever? A spear...that shot shotgu shells"-Aleck

"You do realize that if I find my truck missing it's tires, I'm coming after you" "What? Why?" "Because you're Mexican" "But I'm only half Mexican!" "...Alright, if I find my truck missing two of its tires, I'm coming after you"-Keegan and Me
December 11th, 2010
no, because i keep messing up all the entries!!! GWAHAHA!!!
wait,with megaman phisics, you can freeze fire, and in mario phisics, you can shoot fireballs under water...wouldnt they just cancel eachother out?
nin indeed.
i do belive we're in the same boat.
lol question duck dressed like the Question. Can someone say Irony?
i love luigi's face in the 6th panel.
you, know i never thought of it like that... tell the truth, i'm not that suprised.
this is great! random and funny!
September 29th, 2010
this is getting good. i realy like your style. I wonder why you dont have crazy amounts of fans?
*Insert exagerated gasp here*
lol if I think what I think your thinking, then the villians are screwed...but then again that would be to easy.
this sir, was a great webcomic, i'm hoping for a sequel
yes. huzzah for surfin' bird.
gyroman:" how can you keep dodging like that?"

me: "you think hes fast hear? watch super mario bros Z, now thats fast".
well of course he hasnt turned into gigia bowser yet, hes saving THAT for Gannondorf.
You wouldn't believe how many of these skank-muffins like this are at my school. There all abuncha rumor spreading drama queens and I hate 'em.
Ah, I've been in a situation like this. easiest thing to do, put on a lotta deoterant and hope for the best!
if it ends up being like new super mario bros WII, he'll probably do something to the ship.