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I'll be posting scripts every Thursday until the story's complete. These are the original scripts I wrote in 2012.

Chapter 2's named after a David Bowie album/song.
@mitchellbravo: Maybe I'll feel like drawing again soon. That would be really cool.

@cstar: Its creator's an asshole who hates his fans? This hiatus is taking longer than I intended, but I still plan on posting more pages eventually.
@Pac-Mon: It's great to hear that you're liking the story so far. The About page has some additional information on the setting you might find useful. And Freakboy's supposed to look the same as everyone else except that he has an "F" on his shirt.
And that's the end of the first chapter. I made a news post about it, which you can read here.

This was the first real splash page I've done, and it was more challenging than I thought it'd be. My original plan was to draw everybody in the crowd, but that seems like a ridiculous idea to me now, 'cause there's no way I was gonna have time to do each one individually. It looks better this way, though, since the figures are more detailed; I would've had to draw this on a huge piece of paper to get a similar look. Overall, I'm pleased with the way it turned out.

Link of the Week: Inhumation's a creative webcomic about doomed people in the afterlife. It's dark, but, at the same time, it's kinda trippy and off-beat.
...And that ends a pretty intense first encounter between the two. I haven't really done a dialogue-heavy scene like this before, so it was a fun challenge trying to plan it out visually.

Oh, and the chapter's almost done! It might not be a big deal for some webcartoonists to update a black-and-white comic once a week, but I'm glad that I've been able to make it this far without being late on any of the pages.

Link of the Week: Moképon's one of the best manga webcomics I've seen, and it's definitely the best Pokémon webcomic out there. Even if you don't care about Pokémon, it's got a funny story that's drawn extremely well.
In case you forgot, or if it isn't clear, the "friends" he's referring to are the Skippies wearing hats on Page 17.

This page was gonna be five panels, but I made it three to save time. The squiggly bubbles I used to fill space in the middle ended up being fun to do, though.

Link of the Week: DOUBLE K's a kick-ass action webcomic that recently came back from hiatus. It's technically fan-fiction, but it's original and well-executed enough that you can enjoy it even if you're not familiar with the source material.
I pictured Freakboy's roommate as being a total jerk, but I actually kinda felt a little sorry for him while drawing this page. Anyways, I hope y'all are enjoying his little freak out here.

This page has a few weird poses in it, and I knew I wouldn't have a lot of time to draw this week, so I got a little help from a few references.

- Panels 1 and 3 reference this drawing
- Panel 4 references a photo I posed for
- The right arm in Panel 5 references this photo

Link of the Week: Bear Nuts is like a funny, twisted version of Care Bears. The creator's really got a knack for drawing cartoon animals.
I was gonna do a background for the middle panel, but I ended up liking it better being just white space. It's an oddly optimistic moment where there's a fragile peacefulness right before things go from bad to worse.

Link of the Week: DeSTRESS is a well-developed story with compelling characters and detailed artwork. I was able to jump right into it even though the webcomic's several hundred pages long.
That boy needs therapy! I guess it's probably a bad sign if someone introduces themselves by saying they aren't crazy.

I got to do a silhouette for once! I generally like them, but I guess I just never felt like doing one in Freakboy till now.

Link of the Week: String Theory's about a crazy guy in prison who everybody hates. Hmm... I wonder if I've heard of a webcomic like that before?
How would you feel if you got locked in a room with a mass murderer who thinks it's "a lot of fun" to kill people?

Oh, and I got to do sound effects this time! Yeah!

Link of the Week: No Scrying's a new fantasy webcomic by the guy who did Elf Only Inn. Apparently, somebody's already supposed to die soon. Sweet!
@mitchellbravo: Yeah, it's kinda sad thinking about all these abandoned comics that their creators had so much passion for once upon a time. Everything just kinda fell apart after a while.
Oh, man. The whole "public bathroom" thing's gotta be one of the most awkward situations people regularly put up with. So, that's some good material to work off of right there. I also didn't know that "WC" stands for "water closet" until I Googled it, so I learned something new today. Cool.

Also, I caught that the last three page titles have been repeating words. The first one reminds me of a weird comic called Super Fight Fight that a guy on the CG forums did, and the second one reminds me of the song "Damn It, Janet" from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

See, I got hung up thinking they'd be silent movies from way back when. I was looking into all these really obscure movies, when, the whole time, it was actually well-known ones. Derp.
I've been looking forward to drawing this scene. Freakboy's roommate's been a lot of fun to write, and Freakboy obviously doesn't need this additional stress dumped on him right now. The roommate's gonna have a big role in the story, so I hope y'all like him.

This is also the first appearance of the orderlies, who are designated as authority figures by their hats. Accessories are a big deal in a setting where everybody looks and dresses the same (see Freakboy's "F," for example). When I drew them for this page, I felt a little disappointed that I didn't give them a bigger part, but you'll get to see more of them in future chapters.

Link of the Week: The Perry Bible Fellowship's been one of my favorite webcomics for a long time. There are so many different weird characters and art styles that it never gets boring or predictable.
I spent a little bit of time looking for the movies on Google and Wikipedia, but ya got me stumped.
@mitchellbravo: Right. Okay. I've been trying to communicate some of the narrative via visual cues (facial expressions and body language), so it's good that I've been able to get that across alright.
@mitchellbravo: It's so fun to do even though it's so stupid.
I'm imagining "The Regulator" being some dorky superhero with no life who "fights crime" by giving supervillains stupid fines they never actually pay.
I just got caught up with the last couple months of updates, and I gotta say, this is one of the best comics I'm following right now.
That third panel reminds me of myself whenever I watch sports. I can't help sometimes but get a little, well, vocal.