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I'm sorry for not commenting...

Now can you tell me?
I can't help but wonder how his crown is staying on...super glue?
Maybe that's why everybody who he asks looks confused/shocked that a man is asking for direction XD
you can never trust poodles~ My aunt had one that always kept barking/biting me~ It turned out it was a special poodle, that isn't very kind to strangers~ Umm where was I going with this again?
I agree with Catqueen, her expression is priceless.
The granny scares me... why whould a person just talk to a killer like that? I would be like Back away slowly... unless she's in on it too! lol I doubt that.
I kinda had the feeling that he was the dragon... the hair colour... eye colour.. oh and the description of the comis had something to do with it...