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Nova Squadron Cover
Another picture for class. I had to do a splash/cover page for a comic. I picked Star Wars because my other ones were either the wrong format or not dramatic enough.
Yes, they do. Well, one. It's a new one. <.< Sorry I didn't see this before now. I only skimmed comment announcements.
England the Spy's official. My brain has been thoroughly consumed by Hetalia. All last week, I couldn't think of any comic ideas, then this morning I was thinking about Hetalia and I had like...6 in two hours. *headdesk*

This is why England is such a good spy. His imaginary friends.
Chibitalia and Slugs
Yeah...I've done jacksquat for this. So I'm currently some two weeks behind and I was gonna use my spring break to catch up, but then tooth infections and stuff happened and break is half gone already. WOOPS.
I had vaguely known the story behind the Tanabata festival, and I thought it would make a nice short comic. I just finished this page for my homework this week. All traditional media. Except for the part where the teacher insisted that we ink a copy and not the original pencils. That was accomplished at a Staples copy center.
Tommy FAIL 2
I've had problems keeping up with one real page a day, so I started doing these gag strips starring characters from
Tommy FAIL
This is a fan comic of the characters from Paradox. I spent several minutes carefully studying the original character art and then carefully ignored it and drew lump people. I'll probably end up doing more of these just to make quota in between working on bigger pages.
The Beginning 01
Finally finished. This is page one of my final project for my comics class. Yes, it is a Naruto fan comic. I already feel guilt about that. My only defense is that there's no Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, or most anyone else.

Based as closely as I can remember on roleplay sessions. So I guess that makes it more of an AU. Especially since some people played characters who were canonically dead who were...not dead.

You'll see. Eventually.
Finals Shopping List
I also do comics for my school paper (which comes out like, 2x/semester). I just finished the one for this coming issue, so I decided to do the Finals-release comic for today. This will get inks when I get the design approved by the head editor guy.
To Mock A Killing Bird
So I was a lunk and didn't get anything else done today, so I drew this up in Photoshop. I've wanted to do this since I saw it as a book title in Sims 3 over the weekend, so it's all good.
I just want to know what Tommy's eating. Logic says it should be some kind of raw meat, but in the second-to-last panel it looks like he's eating baby couch cushions.
...I hope the couch is tasty.
September 29th, 2008
I think Tommy wins for length, but I'm pretty sure Dake is so massively chubby that he could rival Tommy if they measured both ways. And I think most guys only care about hard penis sizes, because flacid ones can shrink really really small sometimes.