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OMG what a ride XDDD But i finally caught upppp <3333 Your humor is the shizzzzz - this is seriously one of the funniest comics on SJ! Can't wait to see how this turns out!
MMMM~ I like their new outfitsss sexayyyy~
Lol Sanders is blending in quite well - that kinda worries me.

ZOMG XD They look so terribly dorkyyyy XDDD I miss this comic so much!

It's hiruda btw XDDDD
Hey RPS readers,

This is really bittersweet moment for me but I'll no longer be updating RPS.

Instead I'll be working on GATEKEEPER, a new comic that's loosely based off RPS - think of it as a revamp or evolution of RPS with better art, storytelling and a different plot. Please check it out here:

You'll see many similar themes in GATEKEEPER and I'm sure that if you enjoyed RPS, you'll like my new comic too! In fact, I redid Mr. Porter and have him as the main character of GATEKEEPER!

I�m not going to be dishonest and say that this new comic will be completely original and that I�m not self-plagiarizing, but I sometimes consider RPS an unfinished product - a draft. Even before RPS, I had a comic by the same name that told a similar story from the detective�s POV and I decided to revamp it into what it is today. My thoughts and work are always evolving and I would like to try something new. If you�ve been following my comic, you�ll see that RPS has evolved so much since the first chapters, not just in terms of art but also the type of comic, mood, and plot. It�s gotten much more serious, deep and gritty.

Thank you for all the support and I hope you check out GATEKEEPER!
@ChaoticTrilby - ohoho you're asking good questions! You'll find out in this chapter!!
Wow your style is really pretty! Can't wait for more!
If you have the time, please remember to comment! I love reading what you guys think of the pages I update! It really motivates me!!! ^ 3 ^ <3333


@ChaoticTrilby - Haha I'm glad you enjoyed it XD I thought I was being cheesy

@Subaru (Guest) - yupyup~

@Nomen (Guest)- She transferred in as an inspector and she started called him Chiefy after a few cases. They have an extremely close and casual relationship


@Nomen (Guest) + Mikashi - You know what? Me too > 3 <

@Almightyra - teehee

@ChaoticTrilby - Not all flashback > w >
Nyawwww young Thomas & Argent!

And yay, I'm so glad you guys like the cover ^ ^

@Subaru (Guest)- Perraps~

@applesauce - Thankssss ; 3 ;

@Mikashi - <3

@ G.H.S.T - awww you're so sweet > 3 <

@ChaoticTrilby - ohoho the great mystery XD
New chapter >3

@Watermage - hehe we'll find out!

@ChaoticTrilby - sdlfkjdsl IM SO BAD AT NUMBERING UGHHH TYTY Yeah I wanna draw Reilly and Friday again too > 3 > It's been a while.
WHOO~ Chapter 10 already!! What did you guys think? Please leave a comment! ^ ^

Also, I'm so happy to still see familiar faces and new readers too! Thanks for joining RPS and reading through all 410 pages XDDD I'm here for you guys!


@WinterDragon - Ah thanks for checking RPS out! <3

@ChaoticTrilby - She can't see him quite yet - she's still on the lower level. And ooo film noir~

@Kcici - Ahhh thank you ; A ; I'm so glad you like it - hearing you say that is motivation to keep me going! <3


@applesauce - Don't we all XD

@Subaru (Guest) - Oh yeah sorry! That's Gabi > < I'm sorry that I wasn't clear

@ChaoticTrilby - EFF YEAH~

@Mikashi - it'll take a lot more than just a punch > A <
Drawing this page was really rewarding~~~

@ranaamaya - AHHHHH Your first comment? <333 I feel so specialzzzz!! Thanks so much for keeping up with RPS! WHEW That must've been a lot of reading ; A ;I'm glad you enjoyed it - I really do. Thanks so much for the support! And no unfortunately, i won't be going...when is it though?
Support RPS on MangaMagazine!< br />
@G.H.S.T - Yeah I hope sooo too ; w ;

Hey guys! Can you please help support me on Manga Magazine! Most of my lovely fans will always on SJ but if we can grow RPS and share it with more ppl, that'd be soooo awesommeee~

Please 'like' RPS on MM! 333?lang=en


@Watermage - * 3 *

@ChaoticTrilby - Ah sorry my mistake!
I posted an art dump on DA!


@Shiny pokemons!! - HERRO~

@Mikashi - ; w ; I'm so happy you're still here!

@ChaoticTrilby - YUS YUS Oh noes! I don't want you to be sad! It's kinda too serious a page to start back on > >

@Subaru - LOL a wild Lee XDDD
sdlfkjsdfl HEY GUYS! ; w ;

@Gone - Ahh you toooo!! <333
@kuroi_hitsuji - Oh gosh you're's so hard > <

@G.H.S.T - Uwahhh thank you!!! ; 3 ;

@Cuna (Guest)- Hi HI!!! ; 3 ; Thank you~