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My name is Mika, I'm a half asian half american kick-ass person.
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St. Asparagus
Awesome. xD
Looks good. :)
Can't wait to see mroe. ^__^
Oh wow, this looks so awesome! The coloring is excellent. :)
Kinda hard to read
Because it's so big and dark, but it looks like a super cute comic, for sure! ^__^
I've only just found this comic today, and I'm in love with it. I can totally tell how much you've grown and the progress you've made, and it's really awesome. It would be so sad for you to stop with it now, it's just getting interesting!
Hey y'all
OMG so southern! D:
Whatevs, I'm going off to a summer art program, so I wont be able to update for a while. D:

EXCEPT, I'm super excited. :D

Hope y'all like it. :P
From left to right:
Unknown Walmart employee who goes to CR's school; Rachel; Christopher Robin; Christopher Ribin's older sister, Jesse.
She takes her job pretty seriously. x3
Christopher Robin's best friend(even though he'd never say it), his neighbor, and that girl who's basically obsessed with him.
I actually really like the first pannel. : ) BUT, I would like to shoot myself when I look at the 4th one. DDD:
Anybody wanna rate? :D
Anyways, I really like this page. ):)
Is the green way too annoying?? IDK. D:
I love how this took a billion years to upload. D:
Done in PAINT.
Because I can.
Super messyyyy, but yeah, I kinda like it.
And it's going somewhere, plot-wise. :D
Filler time! :D
ANYWAYS, one day late, whatevs. x3;

But stilllllll, I thought this was fun and cute, little Christopher Robin as(Can you guess??) Pooh Bear, and his anoying Neighbor friend as a fairy. :D
Why so laaaate?
Excuses excuses;
1) I was sick. D:
2) My scanner decided to hate me and scan things to this weird place and I couldn't yeah, save it anywhere. I'm bad with computers. Shut up.
3) I had to take a picture of it, only when I was downloading pictures, it'd stop halfway through and be all 'there was an error' and so I got frustrated and eventually had to delete all the pictures off and...yeah. etc.

And so I had to take a picture and it looks all grainy and icky. but whatevs. :D
xD The look on Zues' face is so 'Dammit why did I bring Athena?' in the third pannel.