the worst among the best, loves protags more than all the rest
@RainDebJoys: that's fine by me, haha :'D thank you!
good move, Atty. if you help fix their relationship, they might forget about you and even give you a badge for it.
December 31st, 2016
@_Ame_: dude... there isn't any sane person in the world who doesn't like receiving fanart... like!!! thank you! just you saying that gives me a lot of happies!
December 17th, 2016
Yup that's right!
Go here [https://twitter.com/Lame_ar] and start tweeting @Lame_ar! I also retweet things from my personal account to there if it's webcomic-related (or Red-related haha)!

See ya there and hopefully I can be more productive this year :'D
December 16th, 2016
it's time for chapter 3, now that it's already finished over on tapastic (https://tapastic.com/series/suck-it) hahaaa......
@EclipseKirby: Tigerjack is a hero.
October 13th, 2016
i'm out of buffer so it'll probably be a month before the next chapter starts. my apologies :'D

thanks for reading!
Starting to upload chapter 2 to SmackJeeves now.
you can, however, already read the entirety of chapter 2 on tapastic (https://tapastic.com/series/suck-it)!
oh and if you do browse that site, please turn off adblock there as the creators also can get a cut of ad revenue o/
what are you saying 13 is the worst age
wellp that's it for chapter 1. i still haven't made the edits to some art yet or made the extras between this and chapter 2, much less finished planning out said chapter.



i'll be gone a while //laughs

i'd love to hear your thoughts about how obvious/not obvious mr scene kid being a vampire was to you and what tipped you off or made you avoid such a guess.
@LKWayvern: how dare you
@ponography: nanananana nanananana hottopiiic
consider this: monkeys

thank o7
fyi, my buffer ran out 'cause stress caused me to freeze up and not get anything done :/ i should feel better after i turn in a thing on april 11.

there's, like, 15-20 pages left in this chapter aaaa i can't wait to finish so i can switch to grayscale~!!!
@P4nda: thanks :'D it had to be serious enough so Tak doesn't come across too... paranoid? but not so bad that everyone else would tell her to go see a doctor hah;;; I THINK IT HURTS but she's being a trooper, yes |D
@Kandri: i accept you and your tastes wholeheartedly
March 1st, 2016
i went to check on your profile and found a comic with an interesting premise;; WELLP
@ponography: 1. i.. i wish i could hear them omfg
2. thank you haha
3. i love that hoodie but i also wish it wasn't so confusing to draw sometimes
@Kandri: Thank you so much! And don't worry about commenting a lot - comments are an author's fuel ;v; Like, for real, they're a joy to read! I don't really know how to respond most of the time - I want to acknowledge everything people say but then that would be a wall of text;;;