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I love animals, even some of the animals who call themselves "people".

Poetry, fiction, and most art is cool, but hey, life is a comic strip.....
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@Tanner: Hey Tanner, sorry about the very late response; I've been finishing my master's degree. Thanks for the suggestion. I hope to start drawing Elf and MB again fairly soon.

Thank you for checking out E and M. (:

You're just more evolved than your brothers are. Compassion should be the rule, not the exception. (:
Awesome Work!

You're an inspiration for caring for animals!

I sent you a PM with contact info. for a shelter out here that I trust. They can get back to you with more info. to help you help that cat.

Thanks for the comment!

Have you ever read the comic TEN CATS? I know you'd love it. Just go to and Search for it. It's about someone just like you. (:
Thanks for Rescuing Cats!
@amethyst52: Hi. I never saw that show; I haven't had a TV for about 15 years. (: I want to thank you for rescuing cats and posting a comment here. I don't get many comments at this site. I get more at the Sherpa section of I have rescue cats as well.
Thanks Mr. Harrop
@graham harrop:

It's a real honor to have you comment here, Mr. Harrop. Your web comic TEN CATS is my absolute favorite, not only because of its quality and humor, but also due to its compassion for homeless cats.
Different Look
Yup, I know I'm re-posting this. Just trying different "looks" in an attempt to make the strip more professional. Still bumbling my way around Photoshop Elements. :D
Thanks for the comment, guest; it's really appreciated. I often wonder if anyone is really reading the strip--despite the SmackJeeves stats. (: For an update on the status of Elf and Motorbelly, see the NEWS section.
The idea for this strip came to me as I was driving a homeless cat to be treated for an abcess as well as to be spayed: she started whimpering, so I started singing. I hope you like this strip better than she liked my singing. (:
Interesting. I like the artwork too.
Great work!
cats: Nature's cutest killers.
I'm so nerdy that Star Trek doesn't even seem nerdy to me.
lovely work. (:
funny, and very professional--I like that the characters have a unique look to them.
I don't know about all that, but hopefully I'm improving; I really appreciate the comment. (:
I'm nowhere near the toonist Schulz was, but it's good to hear that you're reading plays.(: btw, what's the name of that play? I have this book of old 50's PEANUTS strips....there's this one drawing of Charlie Brown looking profoundly sad and frustrated and it's just haunting...very zen like with the bold black lines Schulz used back then....I'm an English teacher by trade, and I think PEANUTS is as profound as anything Shakespeare ever wrote. (:
Thanks, Tasher.