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…Night goes on, this night goes on… But it will finish in this chapter, and the first full day of the new timeline will start! The chapter cover pages are usually drawn in an Art Noveau-esque style. This chapter title is based off of a song from the 1980's ("This Beat Goes On"), and it's one of those songs I most strongly associate with that decade so I wanted to mix up the style up a bit with 1980's aesthetics! This was was a lot of fun to draw!
Replacement prologue:

Mid-chapter 1 (pages 13-16) replacement: enon-of-time-traveler-spotting/

I said I'd either post the chapter 6 title page, or the replacement prologue and mid-chapter 1 sections next. This week, I went with the more ambitious option, and am happy to finally get these finished and posted! The chapter 6 title page will be the next update.

These replacements are in the same places in the archive that the old pages are, but the old pages are being reposted in separate updates. The old pages can be found in the archive under "Replaced pages (old prologue and mid-chapter 1)", and there is some commentary about them.

Those two sections didn't quite seem final to me, and I had issues with both of them that I felt compelled to replace them once I could to better introduce some characters. Sorry that these took so long. I may have let my perfectionism get the better of me, and went overboard. Development on these started last spring, and they were put on hold for months halfway through. I spent the past 5 weeks finishing all of these up.
This is the old version of page 16, which was reposted under its original release date. The replacements are in chapter 1. This is one of the pages I had the most trouble with writing. It's like the idea I had was better in my head, and I couldn't get it on to paper, and onto the screen just right. It happens. Not every page turns out exactly like the idea I had in my head, but it's only with these pages that I felt compelled to replace them. The mid-chapter 1 pages had that problem the most.

Otherwise, to keep moving forward, I know I can't let perfectionism keep getting the better of me. I want to keep doing my best, but there is a degree of a page being close enough to what was planned, or good enough, that I have to accept with some pages so progress doesn't get slowed down, and there may be other webcomic creators who feel the same way about their pages.
This is the old version of page 15, which was reposted under its original release date. The replacements are in chapter 1. Of these pages that were replaced, I liked how this one turned out the best, and regret that I couldn't fit all of the gags in the replacement pages. The length of the chapter would've changed, and it may have led to also needing to replace pages 17 and 18, but that would've been too difficult. The replacements that were made already took a lot of time, and went way over the time I expected.
This is the old version of page 14, which was reposted under its original release date. The replacements are in chapter 1.
There was a lot I had to cram into this page, and regrettably, I didn't have the space for the selfie gag from the old page 15 without changing the chapter length. This page shows that Katt also met Aurora, when it had not previously been established that they knew each other at all until page 72! That sounds contradictory doesn't it, talking about how something was originally established in a future page?
Melody is a traditional mage who makes potions, but these replacement pages show off two of the forms of elemental magic she can use! Katt was originally introduced on page 18, and was introduced as being one of the super soldiers, or ubermages. The others don't know that, but she uses what she has left of her powers to show off as a stunt performer!
This is an updated version of the old page 13, moved up one. In hindsight, Tricia hasn't been a major character like what was planned for her to be. Not yet at least. Maybe she will get her chance to shine.
This and the page 15 redo were two of the most time-consuming pages I've ever made, surpassing how long page 129 took to make! The middle of chapter 1 felt like the weakest part. Katt's, Alicia's and Melody's introductions seemed clumsy. They didn't seem complete, so these replacement pages are to better show how they interact with each other, while also showing a bit of Katt's and Melody's powers with elemental magic.
This is the first page of the replacement prologue, which focuses on the Academy for Time Travel, and what led to events of chapter 1 to make it immediately relevant. Development on this started last spring but had been put on hold for months before finishing it.

Halfway through, I couldn't decide whether to finish this as the replacement prologue, or just as an extra flashback showing a bit of what motivated Aurora to intervene, so I asked for some help which suggested this should be the replacement prologue. I may have let my perfectionism get the better of me with this, and the mid-chapter 1 replacements, but they felt necessary to make the story flow better, and to better introduce some characters.

The old version of the prologue has been moved to another section in the archive, and is still canon.

Click the link above for the intermission. The chapter intermissions are in a different format, and are posted on the blog with extra content. Extra commentary, chapter reviews, trivia and bloopers are also on the blog.

Chapter 5 in review: n-review

This intermission marks the debut of a new character, and another who had only appeared in a spinoff through the 2016 Tapas Holiday special:

The announcement shows snippets of chapter 5, and some sneak-peeks of chapter 6!

I work on Magical Renegades every day, but I don't mean for my update schedule to keep slipping. Sorry about that. I've been feeling overwhelmed lately from trying to juggle so much at once, which has been harder than usual. Thank you for your patience everyone who's reading this! I've been so busy that I may need to start scheduling updates to post automatically on the weekends so I don't get caught off guard by unexpectedly busy weekends anymore. That's what's usually causing schedule slips. The weekends give me the most time, but every weekday, I get up early in the morning to work on Magical Renegades before I leave for work to ensure that some time is spent on it that day, but often don't get much sleep outside of the weekends. I'm trying to figure out what changes I need to make to get more done and to better balance everything.

Today's a day off for me, which gave me some much needed time to post this, and finish up some more things, so I'm getting back on track again! I spent the past few weeks, the weekend, and part of this week finishing up the replacements for the prologue, and the middle part of chapter 1. I had some problems with those parts that I felt compelled to replace them once I thought of another way that will better introduce some of the characters. I'm now finished with them, and will either post them or the chapter 6 title page on the weekend, with the other being the next update after that.

They took much longer than I expected them to, and I wrote a blog post about that here with previews: final/

The current versions will still be up, but moved to a separate update for archive purposes.
This kinda took a dramatic turn! It's not every day a freelance worker gets a commission, paid with not just money, but an offer for an elite role in an emerging faction that will rise to power! Ima asked some tough questions. Burdened by a past as a super soldier and why she went into exile, and because some recognition goes a long way, Monica accepted Ima's offer into the League of Paine to move forward, and apply her skills to their full potential!

The comic blog is up to date now!

The blog post announcing this update will follow.

The spring cleaning post is about some blog posts I meant to post months ago, but forgot for months after finally posting them, along with my thoughts on those posts now. A full-time job, and needing to prioritize drawing the next pages made it easy to forget a blog post if I didn't finish it in one go! The overdue comic page update announcements have been posted to avoid another gap in announcements. Some of them have extra commentary and trivia.

Next up before chapter 6 starts will be a post about chapter 5 in review, and the chapter 5 intermission. An announcement for the intermission will be posted as a comic update, but the intermission itself will be on the blog.
Page 132 is called "More than bargained for?", but it'd fit this page just as well! Ima explains her plans for the League of Paine, and shows off that she's a time traveler! Monica didn't sigh up for this! Ima didn't just teleport herself and Monica to her palace, because she wanted to make the time traveler reveal dramatic! The school setting became less relevant, but she was in the drama club!

This page and the page 133 were released today. The double update for this weekend is because this is the 5 year anniversary of when the final rewrite started!
Just two more pages to go for this chapter! Speaking of wiring, that computer Ima bought is a CRAY-1, which was the most powerful and expensive mainframe from the 1970's, that also stand out for its stylish appearance, and for how incredibly elaborate its wiring is.

If you want to see how difficult fixing one of these would be, take at look at the wiring in them here!

Ima was lucky she found the right person at the right time to restore it… or was it luck? The price she bought hers for in The State of Confusion's currency is the equivalent of about $150,000 - $200,000 (depending on the exchange rates), which is probably a very steep bargain, though the one she bought needed repairs! I couldn't find anything on what a complete CRAY-1 would go for on auctions, but it would be extremely high.

I just noticed that the line "…she bought it used…" seems odd because of course it was bought used, unless she time traveled back to 1976 to buy it new, which would've cost about $8 million.

I intended to release this page yesterday, and page 134 today, but it still worked out on posting two pages for this weekend. The double update for this weekend is because this is the 5 year anniversary of when the final rewrite started.
The flashback resumes, and Ima shows the computer that she needed to restore! She wasn't kidding when she said it'd be difficult!
It's been a long time since Christina and Claudia last appeared! It's not enough that Chelsea derailed the flashback Monica was telling her and Roberta, now Christina barges in and joins the… party? Can the flashback get under control again? For the update schedule, I'm trying to go for Saturdays instead Sundays, and I'll see if that'll help prevent more schedule slips.

Christina wears a maid uniform, but her primary job is with the League of Paine's R&D department, but I wanted to keep this page title!
Finally! A page title that I could easily think of in this chapter! I wondered why I kept wanting to have titles for each page. It's an opportunity to add an extra gag, or pun, or music reference, but it would look awkward if some pages had titles while others, usually the more serious pages, didn't have them. Just 5 more pages until the end of the chapter!
Page 129 was posted earlier today.

This contains some dialogue that was considered for page 129, but was removed due to space constraints. Ailene, the robot ghost maid, wants Ima to be happy and have more friends, but doesn't always go about it the best way.
This title isn't any better than the last two. I tried. :( There is an extra strip posted next along with this page, which I at least could come with something for.

I couldn't decide whether to make the head maid of Ima's palace a robot, an AI, or the ghost of a maid haunting the palace, so why not all three?

This was another of the most difficult and time-consuming pages to draw. The vectoring process took about 24 hours in total. So glad this is finished! Not much of the background in the second to last panel is visible, but I spent so much time on that trying to get it just right only with vectors! This and an upcoming page pushed me to try 3D modeling to help with the perspective and lighting of the architecture, once I can get the hang of it! I downloaded Blender today. It was an option I considered before, but was reluctant to do because of the learning curve, and the time I'll have to spend just getting used to a new program, but it could be worth it!
Being offered that much to fix a computer? What's the catch?

The previous page was posted on the same day to make up for another skipped week. I'm sorry about that, but thanks for your patience! The next page coming up is one of the most difficult and time-consuming pages I've ever drawn, but I'm so happy to have gotten it finished. Hopefully it'll have a better title!