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The intermission took a lot longer than I planned for it to, that I couldn't complete and upload it one week after the chapter 4 finale, and then upload the chapter 5 title page next. I'll need to remember that when I get to near the end of chapter 5, to write and draw the intermission page much further in advance to prevent this issue from happening again.

Balancing a large cast of characters can be very tricky, and there are several characters who haven't appeared at any point in the past 40 pages or more. Many of these characters will rise to more prominent roles later. Until then, the intermissions in between chapters will serve as one of the ways to give some more attention to these characters, and to expand more on the case, the setting and lore.

Posts reviewing chapters 1-3, and for chapter 4 have been posted along with the intermission post. I don't have a set update schedule for the blog just yet, but I have many ideas of what to write about that I didn't have before, that I could update it regularly again. It was launched in February, but that timing didn't work out for me. I'd try and plan for around the middle of the week, in between comic page updated since comic pages are usually posted on the weekends.
The end of chapter 4! Kayla is making the best of an uncertain situation in the snarkiest way she can think of. As soon as I put in the narration of the fight being brought down to the ground, I remembered the lyrics to "Everybody Have Fun Tonight". That song is kind of an earworm, so I apologize if you now have it stuck in your head! Are there any songs that get stuck in your head as soon as you remember the lyrics?

Tapas link:
Deciding on the name of Legionnaire Princess's attack was difficult. I almost went with "Pretty Pretty Blaster Ray", which would be in character for Chelsea, but she's trying to be taken more seriously as her alter-ego. I also almost went with "Chelsea In The Sky With Blaster Diamond Ray", which would defeat the purpose of a neo-class mage alter-ego having a codename!

Tapas link:

I have the time now to look at options for other image hosts. In the meantime, I changed the images to display solid colors to get rid of the upgrade notices, and to the fix the comic page navigation.
Almost finished with the chapter, only 2 more pages after this! Traditional mages are full-time mages, while neo-class mages have superpowered magical alter-egos that they change into. Chelsea, or Legionnaire Princess, is both. For neo-class mages, their alter-ego is an opportunity to present what they see as an idealized self to the world that embodies the potential they've kept hidden. It's up to each of them to reach that potential...

Tapas link:
Part of the Magical Renegades' creed is "No such thing as too much firepower", but that idea gets challenged again! Sorry for the late update. There were some finishing touches I needed to make before uploading, but I've had very little time to work on comics this past week. I will have the next page ready for tomorrow.

For each page I'll be including the link to the Tapas page, in case readers prefer the scrolling format, or want to avoid the unsightly image hosting notices here until I can find a solution to that.

Page on Tapas:
Renegade Midnight couldn't keep her cool, so she fired away, not caring if it took up all of the power her weapon had left! Renegade Red Alert was speechless by Midnight's action, over whether it was awesome or went too far! The magical attacks that mages use against each other usually aren't meant to kill, but mages don't want to risk turning their back on an opponent that still has enough power left to fight. I checked what SJ's rules were on violence again, and I hope this doesn't cross the line.
The end of a trilogy of boasting and dramatic posing! Next up, the fight begins! Legionnaire Princess is Chelsea, a direct descendant of Confusion's only royal family. As the ruling dynasty, it didn't last for very long, lasting for less than 70 years, and the reason why it abruptly came to an end changed from one timeline to the next: because they were overthrown in the first, resigned and abolished their royal titles in the second after the overthrow was thwarted, but in the third timeline, they could keep their royal titles, but were pressured to abdicate their political power in exchange for protection from a certain time traveler. Because of the third timeline, she's now in contact with her ancestors, which may lead to some very awkward conversations between them…
Now it's Renegade Red Alert's turn to boast, even though it's not a good idea to give out any information to an enemy! Except for with Legionnaire Princess who first appeared on page 100, it's been more than 30 pages since any of the officers in the League of Paine appeared. I plan to focus on them more in the next chapter. I'm not too satisfied with the dialogue in the bottom panels, but I couldn't think of anything better that wouldn't take up too much space, but I've imagined that the League would have their own rule book about combat with some oddly specific clauses in it.
The hiatus lasted longer than I wanted it to, but it gave me more time to build up more of a page buffer. The start of a new month on the weekend felt like the right time to update again! Adjusting to a new workload and schedule was a challenge, but I always mustered some time each day to keep working on the next pages.
Magical Renegades is on hiatus now, which is why I missed an update last week. I ran out of a page buffer weeks ago, but was reluctant to go on hiatus because of it, so I was rushing to finish pages for several weeks. As much time as I spend on each page, rushing without a buffer led me to make a lot of mistakes on recent pages that I had to go back and correct!

This hiatus is planned to last for a few weeks, and I'll use it to build up a page buffer, and to be more careful that I don't overlook mistakes in a hurry again. I'll be starting a full-time job very soon too, so I'm needing to build up as much of a buffer as I can before then to make sure I can continue updating regularly. I may post the next page this weekend if I feel like I have enough of a buffer prepared.

I haven't posted on twitter lately because I've been too busy with working on the next pages, but I'll do what I can to keep readers updated. Sorry that not posting about something like this sooner is a bad habit of mine that I'm trying to break.
I saved the "Through the Fire and Flames" reference for this instead. That song inspired this picture! I didn't plan on including the words on the lower right side of the picture, but the picture seemed off without a description to give it some context. I planned on keeping it simple, but it became a lot more ambitious.

Sorry for the delay with this. I ran out of a page buffer for multiple reasons. I'm reluctant to take a hiatus, but if I take one, I plan on it to be for just a few weeks to build the buffer back up again. WIPs will be posted on my twitter page.

I made this milestone picture to show the triumph I've felt over the struggles and pitfalls that can come with rebooting, and the joy of being able to move forward again and make it this far.

Have you rebooted a comic before and felt this way about rebooting?
Reached the page 100 mark, and near the end of chapter 4! Deciding on a title for this page was hard. I could've also gone with "A foe that wasn't mist" or "Through the Mist and the Fog, Princess carries on!"

The milestone page will be next, some time before next week's update, and I wanted to make sure it was polished before posting. Thank you everyone who's read this far!
They haven't been able to catch a break. It's been one fight after another! Almost there to page 100, and I'll have a milestone picture for it too!

There were multiple bloopers on the first panel that I didn't notice until after it was uploaded, but have been corrected now!
I had been too busy to make a twitter post, but now that it's the weekend, I have some time freed up. Along with the next pages, I'm also working on an extra side strip, and a 100th page special! Magical Renegades has already reached 100 pages if the prologue, title pages and extra strips are counted, but it doesn't feel like I truly reached that 100 page milestone yet until I get to page 100.
Katt had to focus all of the power she could gather from the crystal she was holding, never being certain if this strategy would work. This is closely based off of a page from the previous rewrite. I kept the "Sparks fly, robots are gonna die" line. It made me feel nostalgic for Battlebots the first time around and now I'm feeling nostalgic again!

After a lot of procrastinating, being busy with just the comic pages, and having started over on the banner twice, I launched a twitter page! I don't have any posts yet, but plan to post updates, WIPs, and any other comic-related things that come to mind!

twitter page:
Sorry I was late publishing this. I experienced a lot of ongoing stress over the past few weeks. It wasn't bad enough to make me miss an update, but the worst of it was a few days ago, and it made me physically sick. I had to spend a couple of days just recovering from it. I'm back now, and plan to publish the next page on the weekend as scheduled.
And speaking too soon again? Wielding an experimental magical weapon sounds awesome until this happens at the worst time!
Explaining things in the middle of a fight can be difficult…
Don't you hate when that happens? You're ready to leave when the enemies you thought you defeated attack again?
...Or knocked them out of the sky? As Katt and Aurora learned: Transformation is a free action, and a flashy enough sequence can subdue foes!