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Finding out a former teammate is still alive after not hearing from them for years is supposed to be a good thing, right? Well, what if they're on the opposing side now?

Before I posted this, I needed to finish up a picture I drew specifically for the page 158 + 159 update blog post. It was a lot more elaborate than I intended, but I thought it could be a promotional picture, made to promote the comic instead of just being for an art challenge, and could become the basis for a new cover page since the current one was made back in 2016, when the new cover page feature was implemented.
Not even 24 hours have passed between the field trip in mid-chapter 1, the space-time continuum crash, and getting stranded in a new timeline. The next morning seemed so distant in an extreme example of the Webcomic Time trope, but at last! The next morning is here, the end of this chapter is almost here, and that mysterious mole character, Avogadro, returns. He works for the Magical Renegades and was infiltrating the League of Paine to get as much information as he could without getting caught. He's also the obligatory magical mascot!

I'm sorry for the schedule slips I've been having when in recent pages I said I'm trying to overcome that, and how I'm trying to update on Saturdays more. I usually spend my weekends working on comic pages or drawings, and anything else as much as I can. Sundays will still work if I don't wait until the night to post.
Christina is looking forward to her first mission in a few years, but then the excitement comes crashing down!

Blog post about the last few pages:
This page was pretty easy to draw, but I spent more time than I expected to drawing the details in panel 3, and spent time looking up what was considered to be luxury food in the 19th century since Christina was thinking about what she would think are luxuries. Lobster, oysters and caviar weren't luxury foods, and only became them later when they became scarce, while some foods that are common now were luxuries back then. Ice cream and rice pudding were luxuries back then, so there should've been some desserts showing on that panel.

The title of this page is a based of the Dire Straits song Walk of Life. There's another reference to another song snuck on this page too!
Earlier in this new timeline, the Magical Renegades tried to overthrow the League of Paine, but were defeated. It was a crushing defeat. In terms of raw power, the League was vastly more powerful because they're backed by the power of one of the Magic Gatekeepers' superweapons in their possession!

Katt is a brand new recruit who hasn't even been in this new timeline for 24 hours, and doesn't know of the defeat the Magical Renegades suffered at the hands of the League, but she is eager to fight, and Ima is also eager to fight again! It may have been bad for Aurora to withhold that information, but "You should join my faction to help avenge our crushing defeat" may not be the best recruitment pitch.

I meant to post this yesterday, but I was sick then, but I'm feeling better now.
Ima was excited that Christina asked about why she wasn't allowed to leave the citadel since she joined the League, and imagines an opportunity for vengeance, and to show the might of the League! This page is also shows a preview of some more mage alter-egos! Christina's, Monica's and Claudia's alter-egos have appeared in silhouette form on page 44, but here's a glimpse of them now!
Christina got herself back together and remembered what she wanted to do next! Visiting Ima's office, Christina asks why she hasn't been allowed to leave the citadel.

Sorry for the late update. I'm trying to get my update schedule back on track yet again. It was doing better the few times in a row I updated on Saturdays instead of trying to update on Sundays. It's better for me to get it out of the way instead of waiting until the last few hours. When I miss a weekend update, it often slips my mind during the week because of work, even when I keep trying to remind myself. This is a habit I've been trying to overcome since I went back to work full-time.

For some good news, I got a newer phone a few days ago, and I'm happy because it's much faster than the phone I've been using for years. My old phone became too slow to load some websites, and webcomic sites were too slow to load on it, so I couldn't read comics on my work break. Now I have a chance to!
As much magical power the League has, some mundane problems still affect its members!
After an awkward start, Christina and Yumeko find out they have more in common than they seemed to! From opposing classes and factions, their loyalty is now to the League!

I forgot to mention it in her introduction, but Yumeko is 1,000 years old.

In this timeline, the Royal Military Police's power became more limited after Ima took over. The Royal Military Police are now a subcontractor to the League, and some officers aren't happy about that.
Let's be diplomatic about this and shake hands...

Sorry for the schedule slip again. It's been difficult juggling keeping up the page buffer when I try an art challenge, because from both times I tried one last year, the drawings for those challenges took up nearly all of my time that I spent drawing. I spent this month catching up on comic pages, but I'm now up to page 159 almost being finished, and this chapter will end on page 162. So excited to almost have another chapter finished! I'll also be posting page 152 before the weekend to make up for missing the first weekend of the year.
Happy New Year! Reaching page 150 is another milestone, and it's the first update of the year! I'm happy about this timing! I made an art summary for 2018 and wrote about how comic updates went for the year, and a post with the rest of the sketches I did for the Christmas drawing challenge. ays-6-7/
A new elite officer had just enlisted for the League of Paine, and is a defector from the royal family's military.

Christina was about to say that she was prepared to fight to the death, and would rather die than surrender to the royal family's forces. On a less serious note, very little time has passed in-universe. This new officer had just enlisted, but most of the League's elite officers were enlisted earlier that day!

I only made it to the 7th sketch out of 12 for the Christmas Drawing Challenge I mentioned on the last update, and am not sure whether I should complete it. I went overboard again on the sketches and how long they took, except for the 7th one. After Christmas, my enthusiasm for this challenge dropped, and I expect it'd be gone by New Year's Day. It was fun to attempt, and I got some extra side content from it, so there's that.

The third and fourth sketches: 3-4/
Chelsea was only given a warning, which Ima would've given if Christina didn't, but she's still not feeling assured...

Last weekend, I started another drawing challenge, but have a comic page buffer built up beforehand. When I saw this, I couldn't resist, but I'll need to work on getting some of these sketches done in one day. It's easier for me to go overboard than to keep it simple. ays-12/
The dynamics between a mage and their familiars are explained. It's usually only traditional mages who have familiars, so Chelsea had a lot of power she could've better utilized, being a traditional mage from one of Confusion's most prestigious lineages, and also a neo-class mage with extra power granted to her through her alter-ego and magical weapon. Could've harnessed the best of both classes, but here she is getting schooled by Christina! For comparison, Christina is only human in her normal form.
Christina unofficially has duties as a nurse, because she became a nurse in the previous timeline, but her credentials didn't carry over. Her office is a combination of rococo and cyberpunk styles, which are two of my favorite architecture styles, but they were a challenge to combine! There's also an easter egg I slipped in.

Blog post for pages 144 and 145:
Chelsea returns to the palace in the League's citadel, where she is greeted by Ailene, who just wanted to be helpful! While they're not looking, a new character sneaks by!

The blog post for pages 142 and 143 has been posted.
Ima knows how to turn difficulties into opportunities for improvement, and to practice evil laughter! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Another blog post has been published, and it's about how the Inktober challenge went for me this year. It was an interesting learning experience. I knew I wasn't going to complete sketches quickly enough, so why not take the time to experiment, and write some extra material to go along with them? id-it-go/

I posted this on a Saturday instead of a Sunday to see if this will work better for me and to keep me from the habit of finishing or posting something at the last minute. I had the past few days off from work, which gave me some extra time to rest and get more comic work done!
Chelsea is lucky that she has few potential replacements for her role, but Ima was able to find a positive out of what happened!

Lily mostly speaks with Middle English grammar, with some fancier words where simpler ones would've sufficed. In panel 1, an approximation of what she's saying is "Oh, this is a problem we need to take care of! When she returns, do you want me to administer punitive action [punishment]? Or do you want me to inflict it [to her]?"

The comic update announcement for up to page 141 has been posted. I'll need to catch up on that, because I spent so much time on Inktober last month and part of this month that it threw me off schedule. Most of them were started the day they were for, and I wasn't able to finish them the same day, but I'm happy that I didn't give up, and I made the sketches to be extra content tied to this comic! If I try Inktober next year, I'll need to focus on speed drawings to get them done on time. up/
Ima gets told the outcome of the battle between Renegade Midnight and Legionnaire Princess! The first panel shows off Ima's office. Lily is there viewing some files, and it's been a long time since she last appeared! Ima's CRAY-1 computer is also there because she brought it with her when she went to the past. The reason is simple, because it looks cool!

Keeping up with Inktober has unfortunately become harder, and it has taken a lot of the free time that I spent drawing this month. I should've kept the sketches simple, but I got carried away a lot. At this rate, I'm not going complete it on time, but I still want to complete it, because I gave up on it last year early in the challenge.

The sketches up to day 26 have been sketched, and have been posted up to day 20, except for Day 13. That sketch slowed me down so much, and it spiraled from there. /
The title is based off a line from the Breakfast Club theme. I also could've gone with a "Dust In The Wind" reference for the title.

The sketches for days 4-7 of the Inktober challenge have been posted:

With hot-blooded determination, Claudia is eager to prove herself to her sister, and to the League to prove she's not her more famous sister's shadow, and that she won't be forgotten! But then worrying too much set in again! Claudia is originally from the 19th century, from the 1880's to be more precise, and got stranded in the 21st century during the second timeline. She had to learn how to use modern technology when she got stranded, and can use it without problems now, but is afraid that she will never live down the initial difficulties she had getting used to it now that she found out that she knows the tech support person she consulted, and she's another of the elite officers in the League!

Getting sent back to the 1880's with the creation of the third timeline allowed her to return home, but she can't escape the technology that also made its way to the past!