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I like to draw, make sprite comics, watch anime, read comics, and play video games.


Just you're average nerd.
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    Mr. Black...
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ftw nega man refrence
Hey I'm not in there!!
Hey daniel.
hey no prob dude.
Okay I fixed the so called hallway 2 so It's updated.
X's room...
My sprites...
Yo! What up peeps? X is ready to party!
I finally got the sprites and backgrounds to make the comic. So yeah.
Complete Bass Comment:
Bass here... I am rebooting my systems right now so Wily can take me somewhere... I hope it's ice cream!!!
Yo! Bob06 here (is it my real name or not?)
if ur wondering who the crappy recolor of a hedgehog is, it's my fan character morph.
Dude that shot hurted...
Chapter 1
So I gotz teh 1st comic of ch 1 dun so yeaz...

Bass: He's having amajor meltdown right now so don't expect much in the next few comics.
Filler Alert (Character's Comment)
If you hate fillers then jump to comic 7 right now.

Megaman: Yo!!! Why does Bass get to comment but we don't?

ProtoMan: Yeah?!

Rush: Woof?!

Becuz... Right now Bass is my fave, Megaman Does interact with me in the comics but he is the main hero, ProtoMan has only been in this comic so far, and Rush is a stupid mutt. Happy?

Bass: Get outta here ya freakin' jerks!

I really need to go into therapy...
Dude I can explain the whole Mario Man thing. I thought since this is a Megaman-like comic and all of the Megaman bosses' names end with "Man" (ex. Bombman, Gutsman, Cutman) I thought it would be funny
I can explain about the pink text Bass.

Bass: ???

When you're in a dark area you're text becomes pink so the peeps can see it, as does Megaman's.

bass: oooooHhhhh.
Complete Bass Comment:
Sweet my own comment. Anyway, I'm going to adertise for muffins now.

Panel 6 = Megaman's awesome glaring look.

Bass: That look scares me 06.
Megaman in Mario Land. Nothing special about this comic... But Bass is in it. Speaking of bass,

Bass: Hi. I'm Bass. I like to use teh word freaking.