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awesome ! and we do D8 i put up a page soon!
Omg D8 I love that dog! :D phew i need to put my page up too (has been to lazy and busy) Dx
Well I drew Alex and her brother for part of my Art Final in school and thought Id share it with you guys. In the bottom right corner is a example of Alex's art skills when she was 5 xD
Awesome!! Great way to end the chapter! 8D
MrJonesSoda:*has such bad handwriting* I know I'm sorry my scanner is down for a bit and a friend is scanning my stuff for me and she didn't have time to type over it D':
And thank you I love your art to,its amazing! D8

GothicVampireGirl : Aww thanks XD
phew sorry about not posting for awhile, finals and school were taking alot of my time.Yes alex grew up at a local silent hill orphanage wonder were that could be lol XD
haha I'm a sophmore in highschool XD I feel so young
Yeah and I have finals sadly but I promise I'll post soon D':
Oh god Adrienne kicks so much ass I would be freak out just even looking at that Double baby monster XD
O shi-! Scary dead girl friend XD
I love this page Dexter's Story is amazing :D
Welcome!! Glad to have you :D Awesome page btw,I loved SH4 it was my favorite Silent Hill game
Aww!! So cute!! oh and amazing new banner!
Sweet!!! XD lmao awesome I have to do my page soon
Fine with me! It sounds exciting :D
Oh ok im sorry about all the work D: and thats ok lol I guess me and payne will continue are little adventure with james,alex,and henry XD
Lmao awsome job! XD I love that question and how rv ignores it
Awesome! You got the feel so right! uh oh a barking dog....XD
Yeah as you see Alex really hates kids XD and no child should have to go through that "i'm talking blah blah let me just let the person next to me gouge out there ears cause I won't shut up" speech >:
awesome!!! lol i still love henry's face XD