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Hello all,
We are Selly ( and Lan ( and we currently make the comic Lonely Together -stare- together ^^. So we hope you enjoy <3
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The new chapter's first page!
Hi everyone! How has your summer been?
Mine has been busy and full, so unfortunately not too much updates could be drawn. I ask for your forgiveness! (Selly is always so productive, it's all my fault we're so slow I tell you!)

Anyways, here is a new page, I hope you'll enjoy it ^^.
Also, thanks everyone who faved our comic and commented, we really appreciate it!

- Lan/Nami
;w; new chapty!
gasp, this cover looks so big! *A* and s-so old...gah!

enjoy! Selly

p.s. oh! be sure to check the character pagey during chapty 2! A new character approaches....
yay! new update
This page was done in... january 2009! ^w^ we have a few pages ready.
I'm going to upload them every sunday. OHOHOH! Enjoy <3


p.s. end of chapty 1!!!
Thank you so much, we are very happy to hear you enjoy our comic so much. Thanks thanks thanks for commenting XD
Hello, this time it's Lan (mostly known as Nami by now). I'm sorry for the very long wait. I take all the blame, really XD. Selly is a much harder worker really.
I hope you all enjoy our comic anyway, if you have feedback or questions please comment, we love comments, heehee. Thanks for all the support.

Lots of love~
Just to remind you that we're still alive ^w^; going to update new pageys asap! yay!

and yes. creepy, random, timeskip *3*

tadaaaa! =w=
Selly's time!
uhmm not much to say about this page ^w^; ooh yupp page 16 is already done, so I will probably upload it in a week =w=b
Selly's turn! O u O
uuuh hi everyone! ^w^
this page was made back in uhmmm december and entirely by me! Yeaaaah, these are the disadvantages of being laaazy, ohohoh *3* so uhmm... enjoy fufu!
Artist comment, wooyeah ^u^
So, we finally upload a page again.
Sorry for taking so long, it's all my (Lan's) fault again because I forgot how to upload lol, I'm so embarassed >///<
I like this page a lot, I sketched it and did the line art for the big panel as well. I really love the big panel. I hope you enjoyed this page as much as we did. The next page is all set, and will be uploaded a few days from now. We try to update more ^^
Thank you for the comments lately, we really deeply appreciate the support and all the people who have added this comic: thank you! <3

Till next time~
Phewwwww *3*
another pageyyyyy <3

lan sketched, selly linearted and toned... hope you like

*runs away*

Finally huh? xD
I was so proud of this page xD only because it was the first one I linearted and toned (normally, Selly does this ^^)
I'm sorry, when we resized the page, the text wasn't readable. We edited it (haha we deleted the old one at SJ) but it's still a little hard. (gosh I liked the bigger one so much better xD )
So here's the text for those who can't read it:
First panel: Every thousand years, the darkest and lightest parts, the heaven and hell, will send a single child.
Second panel: It will be exactly at sunrise that these children will be born.
Third panel: They can only be recognized by...
...their eyes

I hope you like it *bows*
Thanks a lot for all the adds and comments, we really appreciate your support *bows*

Page 3 *phew*
Hello everyone,
We're so sorry for the slow uploads.
We both had a bit of an "artblock" and we're also overloaded with schoolwork ack!
But we're going to try and bring more of LTs to you very soon!

This was Lan reporting <3
(Phew, finally off my writer's block & artblock..haha xD)