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Chaos The Hedgehog4444
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Well. After a vacation and getting sick, this page is finally done.
For those unsure, panels 10-17 is Lucy going invisible and trying to set up an illusion in her place.
Smiffy doesn't get paid enough to deal with the random strangers all showing up at his door step.

(Expect a few earlier pages of this chapter to get shuffled around as to help things flow more smoothly)
That TV panel took WAY to long to make.
Work is a great way to end practice

Hands drawn from stock images.
What a great looking update
What sinister looking foes

sent from my Tesla
Hey, kid...
Wanna see some magic?
I'm <s>Weber</s>Lucy...
I've been waiting for you...
Employee of the Month material right there
Lucy would have enjoyed such an adventure. Too bad she's dead.
The large panel in the middle is so nicely done
Open the video in a new tab for proper size
Thanks to Smiffy for helping finishing up this page
This is a really great page, plus I really like how that middle panel looks
I really like the effects on this page