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@Obsidian_Umbreon: I could invite you if you really wanted to join a comic that's been dead for 6 years, the downside, I can't edit permissions, so I wouldn't be able to let you post anything.
Oh hey,
The mayor's here to save the day
Great parody guys
Dying Montage is off to a good start.
Up next: Dying Montage
We didn't start the fire
or at least they didn't
K.Oh no. Not the chocolate.
Don'tcha just love it when friends fight
Nice intro, and welcome aboard
And it's finally here
Performing for you
Welcome aboard Jerry. Nice intro (Even if the character has been here until now)
Spider-Cat! Spider-Cat! Does what ever a Spider-Catgirl Does!
Touching moments in my EU?
It's more likely than you think
<img src="">
What a mess of roommates