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I like animals and I like comics. Yup. That's about it.

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a sibling! so cute!!
I apologize for missed updates so soon after the comic's return. Unfortunately, my mother passed away on October 5th and I'm in the process of handling arrangements and other things.

For the time being, OD will be on pause until I figure out what the immediate future holds.

Thank you for understanding.

(In the meantime, here is a somewhat recent doodle)
[Image description for screen readers:]
Panel one: Focusing on Arthur yet again. He is still doubled over inside the bubble, hands over his ears as he cries.

Panel two: The monster finally succeeds in breaking through the bubble, and a massive split right down the center occurs as the monster's many eyes glow.


Panel three: The monster is taken by surprise when an indeterminate object suddenly smacks into it from behind.

Off-sceen: "HEY!"

[Page description for screen readers:]

Panels one and two: the boy, Arthur, continues to cower inside the bubble as the monster's tail continues to smack into it, cracking it more with each strike.

Panel three: an image of shattered pieces falling, indicating that the monster has finally broken through the barrier.

Panel four: Eliot has surged ahead, and is pointing forward while looking back at Kai, who is flustered. In the background, Jesse looks somewhat forgotten, although poised as if ready to fight.

Eliot: There's someone in there- Kai, you gotta do something!

Kai: NO???
So I mentioned last week that I planned on talking about some of the things that have happened since I've been gone, but y'know, it's really hard to pinpoint any single event. But if anyone wants to know anything specific, I'll answer questions? Life is... definitely a thing. Yup.

Thanks for reading.

I'm taking a leave of absence from the 20th-25th of September, so I'll be adding next week's page to auto update.
@Riaya: Thank you! I finally got some cold meds, so I'm hoping to squash it ASAP
[Image description for screen readers:]

COMING SOON, please be patient, I'm working with quite a bit of backlog, here, and can only do the write ups sporadically.
[Image description for screen readers:]

Panels one/two/three: Eliot rudely peeks under someone's dress.

Eliot: ? Here?

Person off panel: EEEK!

Eliot continues in another direction, clearly chastised after being bopped on the head by the angry dress wearer.

Eliot: Maybe over here...

Eliot looks up a tree.

Eliot: ? Up there?


Panel four: Eliot grits his teeth, irritated.


Panel five:

Eliot continues his search, now pushing his way past some bushes to look behind them. He looks annoyed.

Eliot [internally]: Surprisingly, life with Jesse is kind of boring. His shop sells thrift items, so it's not like anything cool or "unusual" ever happens. Honestly, I wouldn't mind if something exciting happened for once, to relieve the boredom...
[Image description for screen readers:]

Panel one: With Kai leading the way and looking serious, the group are walking through a copse of trees. Jesse looks speculative, and Eliot is nervous.
Jesse is looking at a tree with large gashes in the trunk.

Jesse: It definitely came from over this way.

Eliot: Wait, isn't this the same park where we found Kai?

Panel two: The previously mentioned tree is quite suddenly split from the better part of its base, flying wildly through the air as what appears to be a black arc of lightning hits it dead on. Kai, Jesse, and Eliot all jump out of the way without being harmed, and Eliot has dropped the bag carrying their purchases.

Jesse: WHOA-!

Panel three: Eliot turns, brow furrowed, to look in the direction the black lightning had come from. His fear seems forgotten for the moment.

Panel four: Eliot is staring at an alarmingly nearby amalgamation. More of the strange flyaway lightning and other obviously magical foulness pollute the immediate area. A single lamp post is the only other object in the shot. Whatever is happening, it is happening there.
I was going to write more this week about the things that have happened since I've been gone, but GUESS WHO'S SICK. It's meeee!

Here's some links you may wanna visit if you're glad to see me back! Thanks for reading :) Including my twitch because did you know I stream EVERY THURSDAY? Yup! Anyone is free to come hang out and chat!
i broke comments lol. they're back now but a bit bare boned. i'll get back on it later, gotta get back to other things though!
@WindowMaker Truthfully, it's because I'm a fool and messed up the html some time ago and then completely FORGOT to go back and fix it! Thanks for reminding me, actually. In the meantime, SJ comments can still be checked on mobile
[Image description for screen readers:]

Panel one:

Jesse and Eliot are standing to the side, having found Kai, who is sitting on the ground and inspecting a cardboard box full of stuffed animals. The box is labeled, 'Toys $3'. Eliot is carrying a black bag, carrying the items he and Jesse have purchased. Jesse looks apathetic.

Eliot: Hey, Kai. You ready to go? Tacos for dinner.

Kai: Yup!

Panel two:

The three have begun to walk. Eliot walks next to Jesse, and Kai is trailing behind them. Eliot and Jesse are looking at one another.

Eliot: So, listen... You and I need to talk about some things.

Panel three:

Zoomed out shot. The tree are exiting an alleyway and proceeding onto a public sidewalk. They are passing nondescript buildings that likely house local businesses. The road is paved and empty, the sides lined with parking meters. The group is clearly walking westward, shadows indicating a setting sun.

Jesse: ...About?

Eliot: You. Me.

Panel four: Side view of the characters as they walk. Jesse looks his standard apathetic. Eliot looks thoughtful, and Kai is smiling enthusiastically.

Kai: "The crazy goat man." Baaaphomet!

Eliot: ...

Panel five: Similar to the last panel, except Kai has stopped walking and looks confused. Jesse and Eliot don't seem to notice and keep going. Jesse looks deadpan as Eliot responds.

Eliot: He's not wrong.

Panel six:

Kai turns around, away from the setting sun, and seems to look nervously off into the distance.
[Image description for screen readers:]

Panel one:

The monster faces down the boy, Arthur. Arthur has created a bubble around himself, which seems to produce lashes of magic that spiral outwards. The area around them is barren.

Panel two:

The monster's tail swings violently down upon Arthur's protective bubble, creating a dangerous crack. Arthur is on the ground, frightened.

Arthur: Ah-


Panel three:

Arthur turns, cowering on the ground and covering his ears. He is clearly frightened, and looks as if he is beginning to cry. The cord of a necklace is peeking out from the neck of his t-shirt.

The monster continues swinging its tail against the bubble.

I'm back!
First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for their patience. I know I more or less disappeared into the wind, but please believe me when I say nobody was as torn up about it as I was LOL. I was in a very unstable environment for about a year and a half, and I've since been able to relocate, but after six months I am only just beginning to recover. Forgive me if updates do get spotty sometimes, this isn't always easy. But I'm still determined to see this thing through.

Thanks for reading and being right there with me for all these years.
at least he got a nap ;u;
[Image description for screen readers:]

Panel one: The normal looking skyline above the nearby buildings.

Panel two: Kai narrows his eyes, concentrating on the horizon. Dark bubbles begin to ooze off of him, his defense mechanism.

Eliot: Kai...?

Panel three: The same skyline, but now an ominous dark amalgamation is visible in the distance.


Panel four: Kai is viewed from his mouth down, with Eliot and Jesse in the background, looking confused.

Kai: Look.

Eliot: What-

Panel five: The dark amalgamation seems to crackle and flash with energy, a crack of lightning racing across it.


Panel six: Eliot looks distraught.

Eliot: WHOA! What is THAT!?

Panel seven: Eliot is standing next to Jesse, looking defeated. Jesse looks indifferent, if not amused.

Eliot: Sorry. I know it's something crazy we're gonna have to deal with.
"War on Cords"
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"Not Again"
[October 10th, 2015]