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[Image description for screen readers:]

Panel one: The normal looking skyline above the nearby buildings.

Panel two: Kai narrows his eyes, concentrating on the horizon. Dark bubbles begin to ooze off of him, his defense mechanism.

Eliot: Kai...?

Panel three: The same skyline, but now an ominous dark amalgamation is visible in the distance.


Panel four: Kai is viewed from his mouth down, with Eliot and Jesse in the background, looking confused.

Kai: Look.

Eliot: What-

Panel five: The dark amalgamation seems to crackle and flash with energy, a crack of lightning racing across it.


Panel six: Eliot looks distraught.

Eliot: WHOA! What is THAT!?

Panel seven: Eliot is standing next to Jesse, looking defeated. Jesse looks indifferent, if not amused.

Eliot: Sorry. I know it's something crazy we're gonna have to deal with.
"War on Cords"
[March 26th, 2016]
[November 18th, 2015]
"Not Again"
[October 10th, 2015]
"Growing Pain"
[July 29th, 2015]
"Or Not..."
[July 15th, 2015]
"Excuse you"
[July 6th, 2015]
[July 2nd, 2015]

holy crap lmaooo, that's incredible
If even one toe crossed into the girl's room, i s2g Marcus... >u>
Finally, Eliot is catching on.
How's it goin', folks? I tweaked the dialogue a bit on the last page, feel free to check it out!

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[Image description for screen readers]

[Eliot, confused and annoyed, continues his internal monologue.]

Eliot [Internally]: "Something unusual"? That makes no sense, you jerk!

This is why I can't stand Jesse! I'd run away, but he seems to know all sorts of strange things. Like how to find people, for example... This makes no sense!

[Jesse is seen wandering away on his own. Eliot barks out a simple 'Hey!' from surprise.]

Jesse: Stop pouting! Just look for anything that's out of place at a park! [He waves and leaves Eliot to his own devices so they can search separately.]

Eliot: "Something unusual"? Hmm [He partially covers his mouth in thought.]
[Image description for screen readers]

[After another brief time skip, Eliot and Jesse are seen walking in a small community park. It has a jungle gym, a basketball court, a swing set, and several benches. It's not a very good park. There are trees and bushes in the surrounding area.]

Jesse: We're looking for something.

Eliot is clearly confused.

Eliot: At the park? What is it?

Jesse [matter-of-factly]: Something unusual.
[Image description for screen readers]

[Eliot exclaims in Jesse's face, clearly indignant.]

Eliot: Wait! Where are we goin`!?

Jesse, still looking self satisfied, gives Eliot a thumbs up.

Jesse: Anywhere I say, part-timer.

[Still distraught, Eliot hangs his head and sighs.

[After a brief time skip, Eliot is seen changing his clothes.]

Eliot [Internally]: I work for Jesse. I don't want to, but I have to. The alternative is him turning in my attempt at suicide.
[Image description for screen readers]

[Eliot turns to look at a person hefting a box. Their back is turned.]

Eliot [Internally]: This guy stopped me.


[Jesse appears more masculine than Eliot. He has obnoxiously spiky bedhead hair, and looks grumpy.]

Eliot [Internally]: Nice of him, right?

Jesse: Are you slacking off again?

Get ready, we're leaving soon.

[Eliot looks distraught at the command, and he lets his balloons float away. Jesse looks satisfied with himself.]

Eliot [Internally]: Wrong. He's a total slave driver!
Look, it's a page! I had most of this page completed a while ago, but paid work makes slaves of us all.
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*I realize that it may be small on the web version; Eliot's saying, "Normally I'd be annoyed, but he's right."
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Thanks for reading!
alt-text, for the first time in many years...
Kicking off the new chapter!
Because it's been a while, I'd recommend going back and rereading chapters 8-10, at the least. Or, if you're feeling up to it, maybe it's time to reread the whole story!

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