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I like animals and I like comics. Yup. That's about it.

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[Image description for screen readers:]

Panel one: Jesse is looking back at Baphomet, clearly freaked out.

Jesse: ....You saw that. Your monsters were there!?

Baphomet (off-panel) : I saw the whole thing, it's true.

Panel two: Baphomet has his hands on his cheeks while trying (and failing) to act coy about the situation.

Baphomet: Still, seeing through your little trick was only a start. Took months before you had the devil on your doorstep!

Panels three and four: While Jesse responds to the taunt, he discreetly transfers the sigil-marked lighter he still holds from one hand to the other.

Jesse: You're NOT the devil. You're not even a demon. You're just a bad idea, a waste of reality!

Panel five: Baphomet's eyes begin to glow and an inverted pentagram appears on his forehead, much like it did when Kai challenged him. The goat man has a nasty smile on his face.

Baphomet: I am a better idea than you or your kind will EVER be.
Not as tired as I was!
I went to my dad's for several days, and although it didn't help lessen my work load at all, I'm feeling somewhat refreshed.
[Image description for screen readers:]

Panel one: The oscuro is watching, leering and snarling quietly as Jesse drags Eliot back across the railing to safety.


Panel two: A close up on the Oscuro's eight eyes as they each narrow.

Panel three: Jesse looks distorted while securing Eliot.

Baphomet (Narrating) : But it was like you just popped into existence again. Shimmering, hardly visible...

Panel four: The same image, except Jesse no longer looks distorted; the Oscuro can see him clearly now.

Panel five: A dark silhouette somewhat resembling Baphomet is watching through the Oscuro's eyes from a dark realm.

Baphomet (Narration) : The new soul who escaped me those years ago...
I love Chuva's little paw pads in the third panel aaaah, how is he so cute!!
Great page, lots going on. Keep up the good work!
[Image description for screen readers:]

Panel one: Eliot is standing on the railing of the bridge, and Jesse is hesitantly advancing. Invisible to the naked eye, there are actually two Oscuro emerging from the water to grasp at the railings on the bridge, their gazes trained on Eliot.

Jesse (flashback) : You're not planning to... jump, right!?

Panel two: Eliot jumps from the railing. Behind him, Jesse surges forward, dropping a shopping bag he'd been carrying. Beneath Eliot, the two Oscuro let go of the bridge, prepared, no doubt, to catch him with their long and spiny teeth.

Jesse (flashback) : H-Hey!

Panel three: Jesse catches Eliot at the last possible second, grabbing his hand in midair and leaning heavily over the railing in an effort not to drop Eliot (or risk being pulled over himself.) Beneath them, the Oscuro both missed their target thanks to Jesse's unknowing interference.

Panel four: Jesse is panicking as he hauls Eliot back over the railing. Eliot is no longer conscious, having had his say while dangling from Jesse's grip (see original Prologue pages.)

Jesse (flashback) : what the shit what the shit what the shit

Baphomet (narrating) : If my pets get there fast enough, I can poach any soul that I want. I might've missed out on getting an old soul that night, that's true...
I am swamped with work and other things lately, but here is the page! ;u; One more page of flashback...
I just reinstalled Windows 10 on my PC, so I lost some time yesterday to set things up again and I'm writing this at 4:15am because I only just finished the page LOL. Gonna.... sleep....
[Image description for screen readers:]

Panel one: Just the same as the first time we saw this scene, Eliot is leaning over the railing. His hair is loose and there are tears in his eyes; he appears to be wet.

Eliot: (flashback) I have to make it stop...

Jesse: (Narrating/present) But you didn't MAKE him try to-

Baphomet: (Narrating/present) I'm afraid not. people die all the time, don't they? And humans, well, they do it to themselves at an alarming rate.

Panels two and three: The water reaper is ascending from the water, floating above it with a serene look on its face, its large ears held out as if expecting a hug.

In the background, Eliot has climbed onto the railing of the bridge, and Jesse can be seen approaching him in alarm.

Jesse: (flashback) Hey!

ADDITIONAL NARRATION: Unseen by the naked eye, a water reaper will always rise to greet the soul it senses will soon perish.

Panels four and five: From behind the water reaper, an Oscuro launches itself out of the water, massive mouth opened wide with a long row of sharp teeth coming right for the much smaller creature. The water reaper appears caught off guard and unsuspecting of its imminent doom.

ADDITIONAL NARRATION: It does this with only the best intentions.

SFX on the final, all dark panel: CHOMP!
I'm trying to make this flash black easy to follow, but there's a lot of information so I hope it doesn't come off too busy!

If you like this, check out my Patreon:
[Image description for screen readers:]

Panel one:

A transitional panel that begins a flashback. As it was many months ago, we see the very same bridge from the beginning of the comic. The silhouette of a lone figure can be seen running onto the bridge.

Baphomet, narrating: That beautiful night! Ahh, and my Oscuro are very good at fetch, you know.

ADDITIONAL NARRATION: "That" night. The night.

Panel two: A close up of the bridge and the fast-paced water racing beneath it. Just barely visible beneath the water's surface is the shape of... something, swimming.

Panels three and four:

The face of a round creature with small, sad eyes and long ears emerges from beneath the water.

ADDITIONAL NARRATION: A Water Reaper. Shepherd of the drowned.

Panel five:

The Water Reaper floats peacefully in the water, still looking up at the bridge as it silently waits.

In the foreground, the tail of an Oscuro glides swiftly past in the dark water.

ADDITIONAL NARRATION: A peaceful creature with a simple purpose:


Panel six:

The Water Reaper continues its silent wait. Visible behind it, the glowing antennae of a second Oscuro slide seamlessly through the water.

ADDITIONAL NARRATION: To kindly ferry the souls of Water Death.

Baphomet, continuing his own narration: They gather artifacts, souls, whatever I need. That night, they went after an old soul.

This page was difficult, I'm not gonna lie. But I'm very excited about it, I've had this flashback scene in mind for quite a while!

Thanks to my good pal Llama for perspective help on the first two panels. Give him a follow on twitter if you want to know the absolute nicest person on the planet:

Also, in regards to this page, some recommended listening:
For anyone curious, Jesse's birthday is September 21st and (without checking, coz again, I'm not home) I believe Kai's is July 24th.
March 15th is Eliot's birthday!

The story takes place in 2011 when he's 22, so that means in 2019 he'd be 30!!

My good buddy Tae edited the infamous doodle from Lilo and Stitch to celebrate Eliot's birthday (because I am out of town and can't draw something, whoops. Sorry, Eliot.)
[Image description for screen readers:]

Panel one: Baphomet is gesturing with a gloved hand, almost looking bored. A little image of Kai is represented in the corner of the panel.

Baphomet: Why? Do you think your monster is better than mine?

Panel two: Jesse turns around and begins walking away from Baphomet, clearly done with this conversation. He flicks the lighter, creating a small flame. Behind him, Baphomet has jumped to his feet.

Jesse: We're done. Your monologue sucked, by the way.

Baphomet (interrupting): Wait!

Panel three: Jesse remains facing away from Baphomet, but he stops and speaks to him still.

Jesse: Look, I don't care why your monster is chasing kids. I don't care that you found me, that you still think you're going to steal my soul.

Panel four: Silhouettes of Baphomet and Jesse against a stark backdrop.

Baphomet: But don't you care that I know exactly how your initial barrier was broken?

Panel five: Jesse spins around, looking anxious, his eyes wide.

Jesse: Wait-

Panel six: A flashback to the moment Jesse's barrier broke- when he first caught Eliot and stopped him from jumping off that bridge.

Panel seven: Baphomet's eyes are wide and he flashes pointed teeth. Behind him, the chains from the broken swing set have risen ominously into the air.

Baphomet: Honestly, even I couldn't have predicted you'd show up that night!
Thanks for your patience again!
If you want to help me get these pages out faster, or just generally support me, take a look at my patreon!
I still can't get over how cute Chuva is ;u; I'm not sure I ever will
for missing again, we didn't get power back until late Wednesday, and then I had to go away for the weekend! (My sister had her baby shower!)

Here are some comics I drew about the power outage:
Update 2pm, 2/25/19
Lol we still don't have power
If you are seeing this, it means my power was knocked out by the wind storm and is either still out, or I was otherwise prevented from finishing and uploading this week's page on time.
Thanks for your patience. I wrote this post at night from my phone, so hello, future folk!
We'll be back next week.
@H0lyhandgrenade: It's really effective here!
[Image description for screen readers:]
Panels one-four: Baphomet dramatically hangs off of the swing set chain. While he monologues, Jesse reaches into his pocket and produces a cigarette lighter, which he poises for lighting. There is a marking on the lighter that looks almost like an 'S' or a lightning bolt. Nervous, Jesse gulps.

Baphomet: "I'm glad I got to meet your little roommate, though! What an absolutely pathetic specimen. I really gotta thank him for breaking your barrier; without him I never would've found you. Still took me months to undo the rest of your spells, but I got the job done, of course."


Panels five and six: Baphomet is smiling at Jesse, apparently unbothered by their interaction so far. Jesse looks tired and nervous, keeping his body defensively turned away from facing Baphomet head on.

Baphomet: "Whoa now, love- before you try that banishment, aren't you curious?"

Jesse: "...Fine. I'll bite. Curious about what?"

Baphomet: "For starters, you didn't even ask about my pet! I call them oscuro."

Jesse: "I don't care about your monster."