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I like animals and I like comics. Yup. That's about it.

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@H0lyhandgrenade: It's really effective here!
[Image description for screen readers:]
Panels one-four: Baphomet dramatically hangs off of the swing set chain. While he monologues, Jesse reaches into his pocket and produces a cigarette lighter, which he poises for lighting. There is a marking on the lighter that looks almost like an 'S' or a lightning bolt. Nervous, Jesse gulps.

Baphomet: "I'm glad I got to meet your little roommate, though! What an absolutely pathetic specimen. I really gotta thank him for breaking your barrier; without him I never would've found you. Still took me months to undo the rest of your spells, but I got the job done, of course."


Panels five and six: Baphomet is smiling at Jesse, apparently unbothered by their interaction so far. Jesse looks tired and nervous, keeping his body defensively turned away from facing Baphomet head on.

Baphomet: "Whoa now, love- before you try that banishment, aren't you curious?"

Jesse: "...Fine. I'll bite. Curious about what?"

Baphomet: "For starters, you didn't even ask about my pet! I call them oscuro."

Jesse: "I don't care about your monster."
[Image description for screen readers:]
IMAGE DESCRIPTION COMING SOON. Please forgive me, it takes a long time for me to go back and do these, as I only get the chance sporadically.
If you use a screen reader and have reached this point, feel free to email me and I will continue adapting them ASAP. Otherwise I'll just get to it when I next have a chance!
[Image description for screen readers:]
A two page spread featuring Eliot seemingly pulling at his hair (several strands are floating to the ground.) Eliot has a tear in his eye as he shouts. Jesse is staring thoughtfully at his knife, which is covered in goop; he has a finger stuffed in his ear to block out Eliot's shouting.


[Image description for screen readers:]
Panel one: The knife is slashed through the air.


Panel two: A close up of Eliot's horrified face.

Eliot: "WHOA!"

Panel three: Just as Eliot exclaims, he notices some kind of strange shadow next to himself...

Eliot: "?"

Panel four: A large panel showing as Jesse stabs the knife (and most of his arm) right through the center of a new creature. The new creature appears bulbous and shadowy; it has one large eye in the middle of its body, and no real appendages. Eliot is horrified and confused (as is his prerogative.)

SFC: (lots of question marks)
[Image description for screen readers:]
Panel one: Once again irritated, Jesse turns away from Eliot, who is still on the floor and looking critical.

Eliot: "Eh?"

Panel two: Eliot is watching Jesse, somewhat confused by his abrupt dismissal.

Eliot: "...."

Eliot: (internally) [What was THAT all about?]

Panel three: Eliot watches as Jesse, standing at the kitchen counters, brandishes a knife.

Eliot: (internally) [I'm confused...]

Panel four: A close up of the knife as Jesse raises the blade.


Panel five: Eliot's eyes are saucer dishes as he stares, looking fearful.

Eliot: "...."
[Image description for screen readers:]
Panels one and two: Eliot is lying on the floor, staring upwards. Jesse turns to look down at him.

Jesse: [Idiot]

Eliot: "....."

Jesse: [Listen up!] "Look, idiot, he's not a 'thing'.

Panel three: An exposition panel showing the creature. It looks happy.

Jesse: "His name, stupid, is Kai. Got it? He's a magical fox, only about a hundred years old."

Panel four: Eliot sits up on the floor and rubs the side of his head as he glares at Jesse judgmentally.

Eliot: "You're insane."
[Image description for screen readers:]
Panels one and two: Jesse is wearing an apron and standing in the kitchen. He appears perturbed as Eliot runs wildly into the room, angry.

Eliot: "WHY IS IT IN MY BED!?"

Jesse: "...."

Panel three: Eliot comically appears to gnaw obnoxiously on Jesse's head.

Jesse: "...."


Panel four: A close up of Jesse's annoyed face. The SFX implies Eliot has fallen to the floor.

[Image description for screen readers:]
Panel one: Following a scene change; the outside of Jesse's store is shown. There are knick knacks in the window, as well as a small sign that says 'clearance! 50% off!'

Panel two: Eliot is staring downward, his expression disturbed.

Eliot: "..."

Panel three: A large view of the creature as it naps comfortably, wrapped in a blanket. It looks as if it has made itself completely at home.

[Image description for screen readers:]
Panel one: The creature innocently looks around, still being held up by Jesse.

Creature: "But then there's no love~ Jesse~"

SFX: Thoughtful~

Panel two: Eliot re-approaches while Jesse, still irritated, sighs loudly.

Panel three: Eliot looks concerned.

Eliot: "Jesse, please tell me that thing is just some kind of weird toy...?"

Panel four: The creature slaps itself out of Jesse's grip, obviously offended.

Creature: "TOY!? UGH, humans!"

Eliot: [Did it just insult me?]

Eliot: "....."
[Image description for screen readers:]
Panel one: Eliot dramatically throws himself back by several feet.

Eliot: "GYA! What is that!?"


Panel two: Eliot is absolutely freaking out.

Eliot: "What a weird THING! Step on it, Jesse!"

Panel three: The creature lowers its ears, looking disappointed in this response.

Creature: "Thing?"

Panel four: A close up as Jesse's fingers pinch the creature's fur, lifting it into the air.

Jesse: "You fool."

Panel five: Jesse is holding the creature up, looking at it with an annoyed expression. The creature is frowning while he talks, but untroubled by the way Jesse is holding onto it.

Jesse: "I thought I warned you to leave me alone?"
[Image description for screen readers:]
Panel one: Jesse and Eliot both stare down at something, looking perturbed.

Both: "?"

Panel two: A close up of a small, round creature with big eyes. It has large ears and a tail like a fox, but the arms and legs are short and stubby. The creature has two different colored eyes.

Creature: "Yo!"

Panel three: Jesse looks irritated. Eliot is quietly panicking.

Both: "...."
[Image description for screen readers:]
Panel one: A view through the trees as Jesse wanders a different section of the empty park... He passes by a swing set, which has a broken chain dragging on the ground, making the swing unusable.

Panel two: The chain from the swing set rattles suddenly.


Panel three: Jesse turns his head, a suspicious and somewhat angry look on his face as he looks towards the source of the noise.

Panel four: The broken swing is now occupied, impossibly bearing the weight of none other than Baphomet.
Baphomet wears a majority black coat, pants, and gloves; his horns and goat ears are currently visible, and he looks self assured.

Baphomet: "There he is! I wasn't sure if you'd come looking. Generally speaking, I know how much you prefer to run away and hide. Good job on all your barriers, by the way. I never would have found you on my own."

Panel five: Jesse is silent as he stares back at Baphomet. Despite Eliot and Kai's previous confrontation with the would-be god, this is Jesse's first time coming face-to-face with Baphomet in many years.

Jesse: "...."
[Image description for screen readers:]
Panel one: Eliot turns and shouts at Kai, who has some light magic crackling around him as he tries not to panic too much.

Eliot: Kai, change back!! I have a plan!

Kai: R-Right!

Panels two and three: Kai reverts back to his puff-ball form, and is immediately snatched out of the air by Eliot.


Panel four: Eliot whips Kai through the air! Kai has hysterical tears in his eyes.

Eliot: GO GET 'EM!


Panel five: A shot of the monster, presumably from Kai's perspective as he shoots towards it-


Panel six: Undeterred, the monster raises its thick tail. Kai bounces off of the tail, rebounding off the ground. The monster merely looks annoyed, and Kai is flummoxed.


Panel seven: Eliot realizes he has made a mistake.

Eliot: Got a better plan, Jesse?

Panel eight: Eliot, still hopping on one foot, turns and looks around him. Jesse is nowhere to be seen.

Eliot: Jesse?
[Image description for screen readers:]
Panel one: The monster turns its head and spots a lone sneaker on the ground; clearly, this is what was thrown at its head. ('dialogue' is an interrobang.)

Panels two, three, four: Eliot balances on one foot, the other raised in the air. He looks harassed. A zoomed in panel shoes his foot in the air, dressed in only a sock. Jesse and Kai stand back, both disgusted and horrified by Eliot's poor judgment in the situation.

All: "...."

Panel five: The monster spins around yet again only to realize that the boy, Arthur, is sprinting away in the other direction! Eliot's half-baked distraction did what was necessary.
Today is my 8th anniversary with Paul! I wish I could say 8 years is a long time, but this comic is actually older than my relationship LOL.....

Please support me on Patreon! You can join my private discord server for as little as $1 a month!
And we're back...
Sorry for the wait, everyone. It has been a very hard couple of months following the loss of my mother. Subsequently, I'm trying to find ways to shorten the story a bit so that I can still finish it and move on without doing a disservice to the many years I've spent cobbling Optical Disarray together.

Thank you for reading!

If you want to help me out, please check out my patreon, where you can get loads of extra art from me (via my private discord!) for as little as $1 a month!
a sibling! so cute!!
Edit 1/27/19:
Updates will continue starting this week!

Original text:
I apologize for missed updates so soon after the comic's return. Unfortunately, my mother passed away on October 5th and I'm in the process of handling arrangements and other things.

For the time being, OD will be on pause until I figure out what the immediate future holds.

Thank you for understanding.

(In the meantime, here is a somewhat recent doodle)